Malema: S/Africans will look for jobs in Zim

Source: Malema: S/Africans will look for jobs in Zim

ECONOMIC Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema claims that Zimbabweans are richer than South Africans.

Malema was speaking at a June 16 40th anniversary celebration rally at the Risko Fakude stadium in Embalenhle‚ Secunda‚ on Thursday.

He said Zimbabwe‚ whose economy had shrunk significantly after 2000‚ was wealthier than South Africa.

“They own their own land. You don’t own any land‚ you don’t even have title deeds. Your parents died without title deeds and your children will not have title deeds because black people don’t own any land‚” Malema told his supporters.

The EFF leader said Zimbabwe‚ which is led by President Robert Mugabe‚ had the potential to hire South Africans.

“….we will be lining up to ask for jobs there because we can’t create our own jobs‚” he said.

Thousands of EFF supporters filled the stadium clad in their red party attire and sang while they waited for their leader.

Malema has previously been to Zimbabwe where he met with senior Zanu PF officials including President Robert Mugabe. During his visit a few years ago, Malema expressed his support for Mugabe and his land policies.

Last year, however, Malema told a meeting at Oxford University in the UK that he thought Mugabe was an opportunist, adding that under him South Africa would never follow the Zimbabwean leader’s violent land reform methods.



  • comment-avatar
    Ndlovu 6 years ago

    Malema is just another corrupt politician trying to get his hands on state resources. Sad that South Africa is heading down the same road as Zim and that no lessons have been learnt from the Mugabe catastrophe.

  • comment-avatar
    Johann 6 years ago

    Mr Malema! The truth is that no one owns any land in Zimbabwe. It was all nationalised. Only Zanu pf supporters get to occupy the nationalised land. As soon as they stop supporting it they are removed from the land.
    Typical politician skewering the truth.