Matambanadzo, MP from hell: Mayor

Source: Matambanadzo, MP from hell: Mayor – Sunday News Dec 25, 2016

Michael Magoronga, Sunday News Correspondent
KWEKWE Central National Assembly Member of Parliament Cde Masango Matambanadzo pulled a controversial stunt last week when he broke protocol and “officially” opened the city’s new long distance bus terminus without being officially sanctioned to do so.

Cde Matambanadzo, who was in the company of some youths, chased away Kwekwe City Council police officers who were guarding the facility and opened it for use by long distance buses.

According to witnesses, the legislator used hammers to force open the entrance and exit points and allowed buses to start using the terminus without paying anything to the local authority.

Armed police officers, however, moved in on Thursday and evacuated everyone from the premises.

Commissioning of the $3 million facility, had been postponed on a number of occasions since its completion, drawing the ire of Cde Matambanadzo, in whose constituency the terminus is located.

The legislator justified his actions by claiming that the Minister of Transport and Infrastrutural Development, Dr Jorum Gumbo, who city council officials said was scheduled to commission the facility, had told him that he was not aware of such arrangements.

Cde Matambanadzo blamed the local authority for wasting time by continuously postponing the commissioning of the facility.

When a Sunday News crew arrived at the scene, youths believed to be aligned to the legislator were manning the facility collecting cash from buses.

Kwekwe Mayor Councillor Matenda Madzoke was not amused by Cde Matambanadzo’s actions and had no kind words for the lawmaker.

“Who is he to allow people to use the facility we constructed? He should be arrested for his actions,” Clr Madzoke fumed.

He said council had reported a case of malicious damage to property against Cde Matambanadzo, who is popularly known as Blackman in Kwekwe.

“Action should be taken against this person from hell. There is no normal person who acts in such a manner, it’s utter nonsense and we are going to leave no stone unturned to make sure he is brought to book,” said the mayor.

Addressing a gathering after his “official” opening of the terminus Cde Matambanadzo described Clr Madzoke as stupid and retrogressive.

“Can someone tell me why the stupid mayor is delaying the opening of the rank? If it’s complete let it be opened to the people.

No, we cannot wait for that, let us use our facility,” said the legislator, drawing applause from the crowd consisting mostly of vendors and touts.

Cde Matambanadzo made headlines when he gave the green light for vendors to operate anywhere in the CBD, making it difficult for council to collect revenue, let alone control the vendors who have turned the city into their  paradise.


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    Cde Gono 5 years ago

    Cde Matambanadzo stands for the poor , ZANUPF please stop victimising people who have got the country at heart I know Matambanadzo since he was a photographer .He has got love for the people .Zvechi gandanga hazvicha shande mhani .