MDC calls Ignatious Chombo to order

The MDC takes great exception to the Minister of Home Affairs, Ignatious Chombo’s reckless, ill – conceived and careless statement, apportioning blame of the ongoing citizen protest to President Morgan Tsvangirai. Chombo’s misplaced utterances are typical of the Zanu PF regime’s culture of denialism of the deepening political and socio-economic crisis that the regime has created through decades of economic mismanagement, looting of State resources ,rampant corruption and misgovernance.

Source: MDC calls Ignatious Chombo to order – The Zimbabwean 25.08.2016

When Chombo and his fellow Zanu PF corrupt elites were involved in the unrestrained and  unmitigated looting of state coffers and other public resources, they should have known better that the down-trodden and oppressed citizens of Zimbabwe  would one day rightfully demand their share of the national cake. The MDC is completely unfazed by such ill-conceived and unreasonable utterances by corrupt ruling party politicians in the mould of Ignatious  Chombo. Instead, we  call upon Chombo and his coterie of corrupt and failed Zanu PF regime apologists  to listen to the people and immediately address pressing national issues such as the deepening socio-economic crisis where millions of young Zimbabweans are facing a bleak future of joblessness and hopelessness.

Chombo might be an unparalleled champion of corruption and looting but then, we would like to draw it to his attention that he cannot succeed in intimidating and bullying the toiling masses of Zimbabweans into accepting and sanitising an obviously corrupt system which has plunged them to unprecedented levels of poverty and penury.

The overly arrogant Minister of  Home affairs of the illegitimate, bankrupt and crumbling  Zanu PF regime is clearly behaving like a village bully and shameless political thug. Chombo should be reminded that one day, very soon, he shall be called upon to account for the loot and filthy wealth that he has accumulated as one of the leading members of the collapsing Zanu PF regime. The people of Zimbabwe are not fools. They know, who, exactly, is behind their suffering and daily life of strife.





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    TJINGABABILI 6 years ago


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    I believe we must realize now that any discussions with the zanupf regime is not an option. We need to do whatever it takes to remove this festering scab from Zimbabwe and rename roads and buildings that have any of their names and cast it into the fire and then remember it no more. This has been a huge trial and learning curve for the people of Zimbabwe and the Chombo’s, Mugabe’s, Munangagwa’s, Mpofu’s, Mujuru’s, and the rest are a thing of the past. The present ZRP and all the departments formed to hold these maniacs in power are a thing of the past. We do not want any people called to lead this country to be tainted with the bile of the present regime. It has left a bitter taste and we need to be rid of it for good.

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    Mukanya 6 years ago

    The language is loud, lucid and unambiguios for the corrupt and repressive regime to grasp and understand, because it is this sense of understanding which is completely missing in the ideology of looting by ZANU PF.

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    Gic law 6 years ago

    #drive zim .Lets check the boarders carefull for those linked to so called zanu pf for them not to run .They should face thier zim resources abuse

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    Chabvondoka! 6 years ago

    The airport must be closed forthwith lest mugabe the DiCTATOR runs away pliz!!!!!!