MDC-T demands Grace investigation

via MDC-T demands Grace investigation – NewZimabwe 19/10/2015

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe should be investigated for “criminal utterances” after declaring Mashonaland Central a “no-go area” for opposition parties, the MDC-T has said.

In a statement Monday, party spokesperson Obert Gutu said Grace was singlehandedly scaring investors and turning the country into a banana republic.

“Whatever Grace Mugabe says should be taken very seriously by all political players in Zimbabwe,” said Gutu.

“Besides her violating the electoral laws of Zimbabwe by openly engaging in vote buying activities such as dishing out suits to traditional leaders as well as dolling out food and groceries to hungry and starving villagers, she also unlawfully ‘donated’ several tractors to local Zanu PF supporters.”

He said the machinery that Grace has been doling out is “State property that was recently acquired under the $98 million facility that was advanced to the government of Zimbabwe by the government of Brazil”.

The opposition party’s information chief said Zimbabwe does not need enemies “with a First Lady in the mould of Grace Mugabe”.

“This woman is single-handedly destroying Zimbabwe’s investment image by going around the country uttering very irresponsible, threatening and indeed, uncouth statements that tend to paint our country as a lawless banana republic in which all right-thinking and serious-minded domestic and/or foreign investor would find it extremely risky to establish their businesses.

“Capital is a coward and it will not easily flow into a country in which there is disregard for the rule of law as well as rampant corruption. “

Gutu added: “When a whole First Lady of a country utters thuggish and crude political statements that are tantamount to deeply entrenched and intolerant hate speech, both domestic and foreign investors will get justifiably very concerned and worried.

“In this respect, therefore, Grace Mugabe’s reckless and ill – conceived political pronouncements at the Rushinga rally last week, are in extreme bad taste and also grossly unconstitutional.”

The MDC-T said all political parties in Zimbabwe should be free to campaign in any part of the country without undue hindrance or unlawful interference.

Over the years violence has marred electoral processes in Zimbabwe but Zanu PF has denied any links to the vicious occurrences which have turned some areas into virtual war-zones.

Said Gutu; “Much as the MDC appreciates that Zanu PF possesses the DNA of violence and intolerance, the uncouth utterances by Grace Mugabe at her Rushinga rally mark a new low in her rather very short and turbulent political career.

“This woman cannot have her cake and eat it. She has to be urgently brought to order. The mere fact that she is married to Robert Mugabe (President) doesn’t give her the right to trample upon the fundamental human rights of fellow Zimbabweans.”

He called on the country’s law enforcement agencies to “take the necessary measures to ensure that Grace Mugabe’s criminally unlawful public utterances at Rushinga last week are thoroughly investigated”.


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    Yayano 7 years ago

    All the agricultural equipment that Grace stole from the government should be returned asap. Grace should know that there is a difference between the Zimbabwe government and Zanu PF.
    Why is she stealing government equipment and donating it as hers when she is not even part of the government?

  • comment-avatar
    mheno 7 years ago

    zimbos are busy sitting relaxed avr this,zimbos themselves are nt democratic,regai dictor aite zvaanoda navo kusvika vapepuka

    • comment-avatar
      Yayano 7 years ago

      @\Yes, @mheno Zimbos so docile, they allow this abuse of state resources to occur.
      The police must also investigate how Grace can hijack government helicopters to attend a private party function. She did not go to Rushinga on First Lady business but mere private party function.
      It’s like Grace hijacking helicopters to attend a private wedding in Rushinga. The taxpayers cannot pay for that.
      This abuse of state resources has been going on for years now and lets keep a record and demand our taxpayers money in due time.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago

    The Queen of Tartara!