Mediators claim advances in government

Maputo (AIM) – The foreign mediators in the dialogue between the Mozambican government and the rebel movement Renamo told reporters on Monday that there have been “some advances” in discussions on a cessation of hostilities.

Source: Mediators claim advances in government – Renamo talks – The Zimbabwean 23.08.2016

“There are some points in the proposal that are not a problem for either side. They can be agreed”, said the Italian coordinator of the mediators, Mario Raffaelli. “But there are other points that need deeper discussion”.

Raffaelli said the discussion on a cessation of hostilities began at last Friday’s meeting of the Joint Commission set up by the government and Renamo. It is based on a proposal from the mediators to re-establish effective peace in Mozambique.

The proposal, he added, takes into account “what was discussed with both delegations in the bilateral meetings that were held last week”.

Raffaelli gave no details as to the content of the mediators’ proposal, and neither the government nor the Renamo delegations were willing to speak to the press.

The international  mediators chosen by Renamo are representatives of the European Union, the Catholic Church and the South African government, while for its part the government chose former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, the Global Leadership Foundation (represented by former Botswanan President Quett Masire), and the Faith Foundation, set up by former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.