Min Mpofu gunfire, cop now in coma: Court

Min Mpofu gunfire, cop now in coma: Court – NewZimbabwe 11/04/2016

A POLICE officer stationed at Harare’s Tomlison depot who shot his colleague in a bid to get entry at Economic planning minister Obert Mpofu’s home to see his girlfriend could face serious charges as the victim is on coma, court heard Monday.

Llyod Salobe shot Hazel Mutasa who was manning Mpofu’s Gunhill residence over a month ago in a bid to see his girlfriend Caroline Katyamakwara. The latter was employed as a maid by the minister.

On Monday court heard the bullet penetrated her abdomen and that several surgeries had proved unhelpful. Mutasa health is deteriorating by each day, prosecutors said.

The case had been given a trial date which was suspended following the new developments.

The fateful incident occurred in February this year when Salobe abandoned his duties protecting a residential area in the capital and went to 14236 Strakker Avenue, Gunhill where his girlfriend worked.

Fellow police officer Mutasa had been deployed to provide night security services at Mpofu’s property.

Court heard that, at the start of the shift, the two officers were transported to their respective workplaces. Salobe then called his girlfriend Caroline Katyamakwara and told her that he was coming round to visit.

Around 2130 hours, Mutasa heard a knock at the guard room door and, as per security requirements, asked for the visitor for a password.

Court heard Salobe responded with a correct word and Mutasa, believing the person knocking was a member of her shift, opened the door.

She was however, surprised to see the accused putting on a police cap and armed with an AK47 rifle but covering his face with a mask.

Salobe then ordered Mutasa not to resist but follow his orders. Mutasa dropped her gun in apparent surrender.

Court heard Salobe then reached for Mutasa and tripped her to the ground. Fearing for her life, Mutasa wrestled managed to disarm her attacker. She then rushed to the door intending to alarm people sleeping inside but Salobe tripped her again.

Salobe then cocked his gun and shot Mutasa in the abdomen once. Realising what he had done and thinking she was dead, Mutasa climbed over the security wall and fled.

The case was reported and a spent cartridge which matched Salobe’s service rifle was recovered on Mutasa. He was arrested subsequently.