Minister flees London demo – 23rd September 2015

via Minister flees London demo – 23rd September 2015 – The Zimbabwean 24 September 2015

The Zimbabwean Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha and Zanu PF cronies had to change venues for a London conference on Wednesday because of a protest by exiled Zimbabweans.

The conference was aimed at getting money from the diaspora and was scheduled to be held at the Zimbabwe Embassy. Demonstrators from the Zimbabwe Vigil and it sister organisation the Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe (ROHR) gathered ahead of the planned start of the event and put upbanners reading ‘End Murder, Rape and Torture in Zimbabwe’ and No to Mugabe, No to Starvation’. But the Embassy remained quiet with the front door locked and no staff in sight.

Eventually, a few people who called at the side door spoke to someone inside by intercom. Then they went around the corner where they were furtively admitted via a fire exit previously unknown to us. The door was hastily shut in our faces.

Later a policeman arrived and was admitted to the Embassy. He later told us that there had been a complaint about us sitting on the Embassy steps. The culprit turned out to be a homeless man. The policeman informed us that the conference had been moved to a hotel.

That’s two – nil to the Vigil after our successful demonstration outside a Zanu PF conference yesterday in the financial heart of London aimed at attracting foreign investment.

Once again supporters travelled from afar to join us including Birmingham, Southampton, Portsmouth, Nottingham and Walsall. Thanks to: Abel Chikanya, Audry Chamangira, Benjamin Chigamba, Bigboy Sibanda, Cephas Maswoswa, Deborah Harry, Dennis Benton, Godwin Kativu, Percy Dube, Rose Benton, Sally Mutseyami, Sharon Moyo, Sharon Pusey, Tendai Chadehumbe, Thulani Chagwiza and Tryness Ncube

FOR THE RECORD: 16 signed the register.

The Vigil, outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, 429 Strand, London, takes place every Saturday from 14.00 to 18.00 to protest against gross violations of human rights in Zimbabwe. The Vigil which started in October 2002 will continue until internationally-monitored, free and fair elections are held in Zimbabwe.


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    spiralx 7 years ago

    Well done to all of you.

    Zimbabwe – the true Zimbabwe – salutes you.

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    ALL the leaderless folks back home salute you for your courage and patriotism Never mind all the hard work!! WELL DONE!!

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    Simply simon 7 years ago

    The minister ran from 16 protestors……shame on him!!

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    harper 7 years ago

    What about Mr Munchausen who chickened out of attending altogether?