Minister ridicules Morgan Tsvangirai over illness

Source: Minister ridicules Morgan Tsvangirai over illness – The Standard July 3, 2016

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai is paying back with colon cancer for wishing death on President Robert Mugabe, Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene has said.


While most Zimbabweans have shown sympathy to the country’s main opposition leader, Tsvangirai, who revealed his health status last week, the controversial Chimene chose to bluntly wish ill of him.

She made the shocking remarks yesterday in Mutare while addressing thousands of Zanu PF party supporters who were set to be enlisted to get residential stands for free in a move seen by analysts and opposition parties as an irrational political campaign strategy.

Chimene did not only express her happiness about Tsvangirai’s illness but went further to describe him as an ugly person whose facial appearance was not appealing to voters.
She also told the cheering crowd that former Zanu PF activist Ace Lumumba was a homosexual.

“Tsvangirai is suffering with cancer; it’s payback time for wishing President Robert Mugabe to die, but Mugabe does not have cancer. Who are we to questions God’s will? Why opposing our president who is 92 years old? l would even sacrifice for my president by giving him my 20 years and l will die,’’ she said.

“If you look at his [Tsvangirai’s] face, that is what is in his brains. He is not appealing. He is ugly. You should not vote for him because he is a loser,’’ Chimene said.


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    Piankhi 6 years ago

    Oh my goodness. Zimbabwe is a comedy show. Morgan is sick in body and always have been sick mind. But do not become a Idol worshiper of your President. Then that means your saying he has made no mistakes in his leadership,, And that would be impossible as a human being on this planet to say you have never made a bad decision. As a LEADER!!! We all know Morgan is a sellout to his country and people. That is not the reason he has cancer. He has just been living a unhealthy life and it has caught up to him. That’s all. Nothing divine from above. Because if that was the case, most of Zanu PF, and all the other political party members would be dead now. Right? Look toward change. Not toward the past, which we should all learned from. But it is obvious some still haven’t learned from the past. But nature will take care of that. legacy, how does the President live with his. You want to talk about Morgan, we all know he has done nothing for his country. Even when you had the 5 years opportunity. He just had his time to eat. indulge and did nothing. So go back to your leader of 36 years, do you question anything of him. Or is he your God, because you are so willing to give your life and frankly what has he given you for you to give your life, a life your family needs. Would the President be willing to give his life for his country as he have not suffered a day in 36 years. Fact, right? Africa and my African people need to stop this madness of believing in a leader because he has just been in power a long time. What have the people benefited. Is not fresh new ideals from the next generation is how we grow. This is not 1980, this is 2016, it is not the same environment. If your leader is not willing to change for you and he says his people love him, but they are suffering. Does he not see this or does he care? Or is it his EGO. There is a price to pay. So would you want to be Morgan at judgement day in front of your God. Or would you want to be your President on judgement day in front of his God. And God asked your President the one simple question. Did you make any bad decisions? And his eternal soul rested on the one answer of heaven or hell. Were do you think he will go. So are you still willing to give your President your life in exchange for your soul to have eternal peace? So remember your Bible. “LET HE, WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE”. If you are a Christian, I guess you would have gone straight to hell.

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    Pakukutu 6 years ago

    MANDI CHIMENE is a psychiatric case, mhengeramumba. thanks for making your death wish. may it come to pass

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    Tofazvedu 6 years ago

    Her proper name is Chinene Not Chimere. Who on earth told her kuti she beautiful. Chinene chakaipa kunge kunze kwemusha.
    Uri ani iwe ungape Mugabe 20 years more to survive.
    Chinene chemunhu.

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    adimire 6 years ago

    that is an insult to all people living with cancer.cant expect to hear that from a person of her portifolio.

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    A K Nyaguze 6 years ago

    Chimene is singing for her supper. If she doesn’t do that the bread snatched away from her mouth.

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    GODIMUTIKONJOVI 6 years ago


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    chido 6 years ago

    Hure remunhu