Minister: Stop giving cows ‘contraceptives’

via Minister: Stop giving cows ‘contraceptives’ 30 August 2014

ENERGY Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire on Friday lashed out at newly resettled black farmers for ruining and failing to revive the once thriving cattle ranching sector adding some farmers had effectively put their herds on “family planning” programmes.

Mavhaire, who is also Zanu PF’s secretary for production and labour, was addressing hundreds of resettled farmers at a field day in Marahwa community in Zvimba.

The minister said before the land reforms began in 2000, the Cold Storage Commission (CSC) was performing very well in processing and marketing of beef since its inception in 1937.

Speaking in Shona, Mavhaire had no kind words for the resettled black farmers whom he accused of feeding their cattle with contraceptive pills so that they won’t breed.

“Avhara Cold Storage ndiani? Ivhu takatora minda takakagovana, inofanira kuvhurwa chete hatifanire kuregera yakadaro (Who has caused the collapse of Cold Storage? We took the land and parcelled it amongst ourselves, now we must ensure that CSC re-opens),” he said.

“Varimi vari kuno vari kutora mombe vachiisa pafamily planning, chii chamunoita ichocho, mombe imwe chete makore mashanu isati yaita mhuru. (You are busy feeding the cattle with contraceptives).”

Mavhaire also lashed out at some cultural practices which he said were impeding farmers in their business ventures.

“Vamwe vari kuchengeta zvibhuru hanzi ndipo pana sekuru, muchitadza kutengesa mombe dzakadai, chiiko chamuri kuita ichocho? Makare kare taiti honai mombe dzekumapurazi dzakanaka nekuti dzedu hadzina pekufura, vanhu ngavadzidziswe, kwete kupedza nguva nemombe idzi muchitadza kusimudzira kambami yamauraya uye nekuita mari.”

The Cold Storage Company (CSC)’s abattoirs in Harare, Marondera and Bulawayo have virtually collapsed following President Robert Mugabe’s chaotic and violent land reforms that began in 2000.

The reforms saw about 4,000 white commercial farmers chased off their land to be replaced by new black farmers who did not have any clue about farming.

Critics blame the violent land reforms for triggering Zimbabwe’s economic collapse and the decimation of the once thriving cattle ranching sector.

The CSC abattoirs are now running with skeleton staff as the company battles to pay its workers due to declining business. understands that CSC has a debt of about US$22 million and only has less than 600 cattle at its nine farms across the country.

The CSC had an annual quota to the European Union of 9 100 tonnes of beef earning the country at least $45 million per year.

But the company was stopped from exporting beef to the EU after the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease at the beginning of the last decade.

The EU also had frosty relations with Zimbabwe following allegations that Mugabe had cheated his way to victory in elections held since 2000.


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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    Where do they find these people??

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    Expat 8 years ago

    The excuse as to why the EU export was stopped is incorrectly reported!!Zimbabwe had a highly organized system so that even when there happened to be a foot and Mouth outbreak we as a country were still able to export our beef. The reason why exports were stopped is because ‘that system’ – which was viewed to be implemented by racist WHITES was ignored so that Indigenous Zimbabweans allocated questionably acquired land could do what they wanted. We all now know what the result of that has been. Following on from this Botswana over a number of years leading up to events of 2000 and beyond had been replicating the Zimbabwean management system in the hope that they one day would also be able to have a share of the lucrative EU market, Zimbabwe by events handed it to them on a platter, to regain that share Europe’s population would have to practically double. So two things would have to happen a) the system would have to be implemented and that will not happen overnight that will be several years of correctly managed cattle movement control before we would be recognised as conformed and Europe’s population doubling will also take a little longer if you look at their population figures

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      Parangeta 8 years ago

      look East, not West – you people are always
      looking for the ‘whites’ to bail you out!

      You threw the ‘whites’ off the land, and now
      you want the ‘whites’ in the EU to but your beef!

      Sell your foot and mouth meat to the Ching Chongs,
      they can create ‘chop suey foot-mouth’.

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    Aaaaa musanetseka na Mavhaire, aifungigwa naZvobgo.Zvinio Zvobgo os gone kwava kurotomota.Ndiye anganzi Minister responsible for energy here uyu? Iwe Mavhaire unotadza kuziva chakauraya Cold Storage sei? Hnditi maiti mukaita musangano ZANU maingonotora n’ombe with no payment .CSC farm close to Mashava had more than 1500 herd at Independence, tiudzei kuti nhasi ingani?
    Siyana nana mudhara wedu .Vanochengeta mombe dzavo, wakavapa loan here kuti vadzitenge?

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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    Mugabeland is full of fools who braaied all the stolen mombes they looted

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    What do you expect if you replace a commercial farmer with a peasant farmer. They have no idea on how to bread livestock. They just want cattle to feed an natural grass and dip them full stop!!

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    Gomogranny 8 years ago

    The sad truth is that many Zimbabweans have taken to heart and replicated the worst of the old Colonial system (greed, injustice, arrogance, exploitation) and left the best (honesty, integrity, pride in doing a great job, excellent organisation).

    Here is the result…collapse of our once thriving industries. Until they admit this we will continue down, down, down.

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    Mena Bona 8 years ago

    Perhaps if he advocated family planning for the people, the country could, maybe but unlikely, feed its population.