‘Miracle babies’ Deya offers HIV oil cure

via ‘Miracle babies’ Deya offers HIV oil cure – NewZimbabwe 26/01/2016 0

LONDON: An evangelical preacher who calls himself the ‘Archbishop of Peckham’ is allegedly selling extra virgin olive oil as a miracle cure for cancer and HIV.

Gilbert Deya and his team were said to have been caught by a newspaper selling the £1.99 ($2.85) 750ml product from Aldi in their church shop in South London for £4.99 ($715) as a cure if used on food.

When approached, Deya claimed the “power of God” helped give the oil “magical properties”.

One of his associates Pastor Kamara allegedly gave an undercover couple a badly-spelled leaflet including details of “mystical powers” contained including overcoming illness and debt.

According to The Sun reporters Brian Flynn and Lee Sorrell, Deya claims to have “anointed” the oil – and Pastor Kamara explained: “Don’t use any oil except this and the cancer will just disappear.”

The couple went into a room where a pastor rubbed the oil into the woman’s chest, declaring it was the “start of your miracle”. She was then pushed to the ground and the “witchcraft” was told to leave.

When confronted Tuesday, Deya denied charging hundreds of pounds for miracles, claiming video footage had been “cleverly edited”.

He added: “I don’t understand, we don’t heal cancer with olive oil and I have never done that.”

Speaking from his Peckham ministry the church leader, when confronted with the video, said: “Pastor Kamara never said the oil would cure cancer.

“It is not just this ministry, if you go to other Catholic Churches they use oil all the time.

“It says in Mark 6:13 ‘They drove out many demons and rubbed olive oil on many sick people and healed them.’

“Cancer is a disease, fibroids is a disease. It is not the oil that heals. It is the power of God.”

Deya, 63, has also claimed in the past that he could give infertile couples “miracle babies”.

He was also asked to answer allegations he had promised he could make infertile women have children.

He refuted this claim, saying: “Nobody is saying we can cure infertility.”

And he has faced a ten-year battle against extradition to his native Kenya, having been arrested in 2006 after being accused of stealing five children from the Pumwani Maternity Hospital in Nairobi.

Deya has claimed since 2007 that he faces torture and inhuman and degrading treatment if sent back to the country, alleging that he is the victim of a political vendetta there.

The Home Office said that it “continues to consider representations” by Deya’s legal team, while the Charities Commission confirmed it is looking into Gilbert Deya Ministries.

Deya declined to comment to The Sun, saying he did not talk to “evil liars who are confused”, however he later said “people were trying to blacken the reputation” of his church, adding: “These cases were all acquitted. These people are liars.”

One of the member of Deya’s congregation, Sardip Shoker, 50, from Birmingham, was present at the church Tuesday.

He claimed he was healed from Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome, a rare congenital vascular condition that caused his legs to swell up and meant he could not walk more than a few feet

Shoker claimed he met the bishop two years ago and was cured by the £5 olive oil: “I came back and Pastor Adeline came with the olive oil, this is my truth, and she put the oil on my arms and legs and the power of god came upon me.

“I gave £5 and I wasn’t asked for money.

“I am not the only one, I have seen miracles. You can see photos of me beforehand, I had to wear special socks. I had it for 48 years. I was born with it.”