Mliswa dares Magaya over bond notes

Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (Yard) leader Temba Mliswa has challenged Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya to join politics if he wants to comment on political issues.

Source: Mliswa dares Magaya over bond notes – NewsDay Zimbabwe June 4, 2016

By Albert Masaka

Addressing hundreds of youths in Chitungwiza at a public meeting organised by the Youth Forum Zimbabwe on Thursday, Mliswa claimed Magaya’s comments on the introduction of bond notes were in support of
Zanu PF.

Magaya last week told journalists that bond notes were a noble idea which was communicated in a wrong way.

“This is a purely monetary issue and must not be politicised. Bond notes are just like coupons which will be given to exporters as incentives for bringing money into the country,” the man of the cloth was quoted saying.
But Mliswa said Magaya was making political statements in support of Zanu PF.

“Magaya is not an economist and must not act like an economist. In fact, if there is anything, I think you [Magaya] are fleecing people’s money in an economy where things are tough. And now you want to tell us how great the bond notes are when you are stealing people’s money every day.”

Mliswa’s statement was greeted with applause from youths at the meeting.

He said people should be careful when deciding which churches to attend.

“You don’t have to go to a church where you are told by Magaya that he thinks he can turn around this country when he knows very well he is supporting Zanu PF,” the Yard leader said.

Mliswa urged women to organise a march against pastors in the habbit of abusing women in the mould of convicted rapist and RMG Independent End Time Message Church leader Martin Gumbura.

Mliswa said he was willing to participate in such a march.

Other panellists at the meeting were MDC-T and Zimbabwe People First youth leaders for Chitungwiza and Chitungwiza Residents’ Trust leader Marvellous Kumalo.


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    ntaba 6 years ago

    In this instance – the lights have suddenly come on for Mliswa – he is not getting a good pay off on the Bond Notes so he will be part of the people who get ripped off this time. Mliswa can see that he is not going to get a free lunch on this latest Zanu financial jumbanja. When there were farms and tractors to be given he was happy to jumbanja the night away for Zanu. Even the Zanu Rent a Jumbanja veterans are wanting to be paid in US$!!

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    mwana wesangano 6 years ago

    Ungatoudzwawo church yekuenda natemba here?

  • comment-avatar
    susan 6 years ago

    So where are the perfect people who are without blame and clean as snow qualified to comment on Zim issues and contest against politicians without fear of negative comments. please just to remind @Mwana wesango – Paul from the bible who pushed and started many churches in the bible was at one point a persecutor of Christians. People can repent and you should not judge anyone with their past. Are you clean yourself? I command Mliswa for fighting for the voiceless like you @mwana wesango.

    Peace be still!!!

    Go Mliswa Go without fear…

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    Seems Zimbos do NOT want a re-emergence of the Zim Kwacha. And who can blame them? Organised Crime in Zimbabwe (ZPF) stole around 22 billion last time around, thanks to Gidiot Gono.

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    Why is it when someone decides to stand up against graft in Zimbabwe we always have people saying where you all this time blah blah blah. It’s not important, the important thing is Temba is raising a very valid point that’ll make a positive change affecting the same people. This is why our country is in the gutter; we always criticise without contributing…right only five people are occupying dzamara square while the rest go about their business as usual, yet they expect the same corrupt government to be booted out, by who????

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    Ana Temba talk your politics and live our papa,how many people did you manage to gather,look at the just ended healing sunday, money can’t buy healing we witness every gathering at PHD.My best advice to you is_if you want to succeed in your politics try PHD and l bet you will get results.

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    Ngororombe 6 years ago

    When it comes to church issues that are related to economic answers they need a certain level of understanding, in the bible is some parables, stories with deeper meaning that ‘laymen’ cannot pick at a glance , wait time will tell, God loves u thats why He gave u a Prophet to light up ur way so u can see where u are going