Mliswa ejected from Parly after clash with MDC-T MPs

Norton MP, Temba Mliswa (independent), was yesterday ejected from the National Assembly after he clashed with MDC-T legislators after he accused them of being “lazy” and “unelectable”.

Source: Mliswa ejected from Parly after clash with MDC-T MPs – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 23, 2017


The former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson, who normally sides with MDC-T, this time around turned against them as he accused them of being cry-babies whenever they were defeated in elections.

“You always claim rigging; you don’t know how to work on the ground. Stop claiming rigging and go on the ground and campaign,” he shouted at MDC-T MPs, as Zanu PF lawmakers cheered him on as he moved to disrupt a question by MDC-T legislators, who were probing Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa on the biometric voter registration exercise.

“They say if you can’t beat them, join them. You are good at crying, complaining of rigging. Go on the ground and work. People support those who work.”

Mliswa received support from Hurungwe East MP, Sarah Mahoka (Zanu PF), who continuously shouted: “Tell them!”

But the opposition MPs, who during the recent Norton by-election supported him, accused Mliswa of being a “sell-out” and working with a faction in Zanu PF linked to Mnangagwa.

“You are a sell-out, we know that you support Team Lacoste, shut up!” shouted Bulawayo East legislator, Thabitha Khumalo.

Acting Speaker, Reuben Marumahoko, had to send the sergeant-at-arms to eject Mliswa after he continued with his rants.

Mliswa attempted to sneak back into the House after 10 minutes, but Marumahoko ordered him to stay out for the rest of the session.

Mliswa, last week, had a nasty altercation with Hurungwe West MP, Keith Guzah (Zanu PF), which forced Deputy Speaker, Mabel Chinomona, to kick out the latter, before reprimanding the Norton MP.

Before the fracas, MDC-T MPs grilled Mnangagwa on government’s move to take over the acquisition of biometric voter registration(BVR) kits from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Mnangagwa said the government had decided to fund the procurement of the BVR kits, which UNDP had wanted to procure on behalf of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.


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    amina 5 years ago

    What MDC-T did to support Temba Mliswa was a good lesson regarding ZANU PF fallouts. Prof Jonathan N Moyo worn elections in 2008 after MDC-T supported him by not fielding a candidate. He ran with the seat to ZANU PF where there is money from corrupt dealings. Since independence no independent candidate ever joined MDC-T or opposition after winning the seat as an independent, they always ran to ZANU PF where there is money for corruption. As such Temba Mliswa will not join ZANU PF now perhaps fearing backlashing from the same constituent and public in general. But his utterances and mind set is craving for reunion with ZANU PF. There will be a serious mockery if MDC-T join hands with the former ZANU PF stalwarts like Gumbo, Mujuru and Mtasa. They will break away just before election, cuase serious confusion as MDC-T will not have fielded candidates in their constituencies. Best option for the opposition, is a consolidation of the likes of Biti, Ncube and Dabengwa, No union should ever be contemplated with this triabalistic part Mtwakazi, is not good for nothing. They are dreaming of annexure themselves to SA once they win any election