Mliswa: Flip-flopper Moyo is amusing

via Mliswa: Flip-flopper Moyo is amusing – NewZimbabwe 04/02/2016

HIGHER EDUCATION minister Jonathan Moyo is feigning “surprise” at the “abuse of state resources” by Zanu PF and government, a prominent political activist has said.

Former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Temba Mliswa, in a statement Wednesday, said Moyo was “suffering from selective memory”.

Moyo this week accused War Veterans Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa of abusing the Presidential Guard Barracks after the former liberation war fighters met there and resolved that the former information minister should be barred from Zanu PF meetings.

“My amusement stems from Prof. Moyo’s seeming naivety and the level of ignorance or possible selective amnesia that the learned Zanu PF Professor has pertaining to the extent of involvement of the army and security forces in the cogs of Zanu PF’s machinery.

“It baffles the mind how Moyo can profess ignorance to how closely knit the army are to the war vets when in 2002, whilst holding the post of Minister of Information and a member of the Party, he was undeniably privy to the events leading to a Press Conference convened by the late General Vitalis Zvinavashe together with other generals,” Mliswa said.

He was referring to a press briefing held prior to the 2002 presidential election at which Zvinavashe and other military top brass declared they would not “salute anyone without liberation war credentials”.

Mliswa said he was also amused by Moyo’s claims that the meeting by Mutsvangwa at the cantonment area was “a gross and unacceptable abuse of a State facility, extraordinary and indeed scary”.

“It is laughable that when the attack is targeted at him directly, the involvement of the army becomes ‘scary’ and ‘an abuse’, however when the state machinery is unleashed in Tsholotsho to create fear and intimidation within the electorate to win him a seat in Parliament, it is acceptable and sadly commonplace,” said the former Zanu PF provincial chairman.

Mliswa was axed from the ruling party along with a host of other leaders including former Vice President Joice Mujuru for their alleged role in a plot to oust President Robert Mugabe from power. He accused Moyo of “hypocrisy”.

“Nonetheless, when you then delve deeper into the history and background of our dear Professor, you will soon learn that such seemingly confused rantings and ravings are actually the norm in his flip-flopping political career.

“The war vets have been and will always be the army’s last line of defence and should always be respected for the pivotal role they played in the liberation of Zimbabwe. This respect is not uncommon and is practised in countries world-wide,” Mliswa said.

“Even the opposition show more respect for the war vets than what we are witnessing from Moyo and certain factions within the Zanu PF party. As the last line of defence, and therefore an extended arm of the army, why would it be strange for war vets to convene at an army facility?”

Mliswa also claimed Moyo had abused his position as Information minister.

“In this instance, Prof. Moyo seemingly made it his fulltime employ to churn out unfounded reports pertaining to the alleged cabal and unsubstantiated plots to overthrow His Excellency, Cde R. G. Mugabe much to the detriment of all those targeted and of which outcome is now common knowledge.

“However, looking at the brighter side, if this experience has indeed enlightened him on the devious modus operandi of Zanu PF then we must celebrate that his eyes are now open. Vana vembwa havasvinure musi mumwe and we are happy to note that he can finally see clearly now,” said Mliswa.