Mliswa oozes with confidence

Norton independent candidate, Temba Mliswa has expressed confidence he will win tomorrow’s by-election, saying Zanu PF’s violence against his supporters will come back to haunt the ruling party.

Source: Mliswa oozes with confidence – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 21, 2016


In an interview on the sidelines of a rally in Ngagori on Wednesday, Mliswa said he was facing a weak opponent, who had nothing to offer except violence against political rivals.

“The vote will go against Zanu PF because I don’t think there is anybody, who will want to be part of a system that uses violence to be in power. Definitely, Zanu PF has done us a favour by beating up people because these victims are innocent people, who are just trying to exercise their right in terms of voting,” he said.

“Zanu PF talks about being a democratic party and Zimbabwe being a democratic nation, but the party fails to deliver on the promises made at every election. What they now know best is violence, where they beat up people and force them to vote in a particular manner, but unfortunately people will speak out differently this time.”

There has been rising violence in the build-up to tomorrow’s by-election, but the former Hurungwe West legislator said he was not shaken.

Zanu PF has been doling out stands in Norton, with party youth leaders, however, threatening to repossess them if the ruling party loses to Mliswa.

Mliswa accused Zanu PF of trying to create another Murambatsvina by parcelling out unserviced stands.

“It happened before in Mbare when they wanted votes and they continue to do that. That land has already been sold to others and you cannot keep on giving out land that was sold to others,” he said.

“Government should produce houses and not stands. Why give out stands when there is no employment? How are people going to build the houses? We don’t want to create more land barons.”

Mliswa then cited the continued exposé of corrupt Zanu PF leaders, saying they should be nowhere in power, as they had shown the nation that they were irresponsible.

He also tore into the police for reportedly siding with Zanu PF on the violence.

“Unfortunately, the police have allowed this to happen and this only tells us that they are not for the people of Zimbabwe, but they must remember that Zanu PF will be out of power one day. How are they going to work with other leaders from the opposition parties?” he queried.


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    chimusoro 6 years ago

    Pamberi ne Temba!

  • comment-avatar
    ntaba 6 years ago

    But Mliswa was the instigator of the violence in the first place. Leopards seldom change their spots.