MLO leader Siwela predicts Mugabe victory in 2018

SELF-EXILED secessionist Matabeleland Liberation Organisation leader Paul Siwela has predicted a landslide victory for President Robert Mugabe in the 2018 elections, saying the proposed grand coalition of opposition parties would suffer a stillbirth due to mistrust among its leaders.

Source: MLO leader Siwela predicts Mugabe victory in 2018 – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 10, 2016


Speaking to Southern Eye via social media, Siwela said the opposition would only become effective if its leaders come out of their air-conditioned offices, stop being armchair critics and lead from the front.

“With that kind of opposition which is driven by money and desire to have nice time with women, enjoying conferences and meetings in air-conditioned offices, Zimbabwe would not remove Zanu PF,” Siwela said.

“Zimbabwean opposition parties shall sing the elections have been rigged and will have to wait for 2023 elections.
Zanu PF through the Constitution has a right to replace Mugabe (92) with its member and there is no future in Zimbabwe.”

Siwela skipped the border in 2013 before finalisation of his treason trial which was going on at the Bulawayo High Court, citing a plot by State security agents to assassinate him.

Just before his departure, Siwela on August 24 2013, wrote to Justice Nicholas Ndou indicating that he was not running way from the treason charges, but feared for his life.

However since then, his whereabouts are still not known with some claiming that he was in Sweden, while others say he was hiding in neighbouring South Africa.

His former co-accused Charles Thomas and John Gazi have since been found not guilty and acquitted of the treason charge.