MMEZ creation denounced

Source: MMEZ creation denounced | The Herald July 28, 2016

Debate on the Minerals Exploration and Marketing Corporation Bill opened in the National Assembly on Tuesday with some legislators denouncing the proposed creation of a merged Minerals Marketing and Exploration Corporation. Through the Bill the government intends to disband the Minerals and Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe by creating an entity explores and prospects for minerals.The new entity would have two main objectives, namely mineral prospecting and exploration as well as marketing.

Debating the Bill in the National Assembly, Zvishavane-Ngezi MP John Holder said bunching exploration and marketing in the proposed corporation would create confusion and breed corruption in the sector.

MP Holder said the current scenario where the MMCZ was in charge of marketing the country’s minerals should be maintained.

“We are now rushing to pass this bill and yet the MMCZ was an entity that was good for government, and it was also good for the nation even the Ministry of Finance would actually know that there is a certain amount of money coming from MMCZ.

“I don’t see where the two merge and I feel that this bill if we rush it we are going to cover a lot of things that have affected us,” he said.

“The two bills should come separately, mining and exploration itself, beneficiation and marketing by itself but now when you want to merge the two there is a lot of cover up that wants to take place.”

He said efforts should instead be focused on making strengthening the capacity of the MMCZ and creating a robust exploration unit whose sole responsibility was prospecting for minerals.

MP Holder said the merger of the two would cover up a lot of irregularities that took place at MMCZ over the years that simply needed to be corrected.

“A lot of issues took place in MMCZ that if this is to be fast tracked it will cover up a lot of issues that are pertinent,” he said.

Chegutu West legislator Dexter Nduna concurred saying there was need to separate the marketing and the exploration aspect.

“It is my view and call to the minister that let us not take the marketing side and put it under an umbrella body together with exploration,” he said.

The mining sector in Zimbabwe recorded improved productivity in the first three months of 2016 compared to the same period last year, but earnings dropped by about 3.5 percent to $420 million on the back of low mineral prices.

First quarter production figures show that there was an increase in production ranging between eight and 64 percent for the bulk of the top minerals such as gold, platinum, copper and palladium.

Coal and chrome are the two minerals that recorded a negative growth in production.

According to the chamber, most mines in Zimbabwe were operating at between 60 and 85 percent of capacity. – New Ziana.


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    Chanisa 6 years ago

    Bureaucrats think its the structure that does the work, leaving strategy to be their playground for self-enrichment. How many of these formations have we seen over 36 years with nothing to show for it? The diamond merger is struggling to define itself as we speak. Only ignoramuses who think they know everything want to centralize everything. The PhD count is a Guinness record in the history of governments. So too is the demonstrable incompetence.. A legislative framework that governs prospecting, mining, tourism, power generation, agriculture etc, is all that is required to liberate the people’s energies. Governments are not known for commercial excellence, but for governing.

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    This failed government has created more parastatals
    and boards than any other country in Africa. Zesa, Zinwa, zacc, mmcz, zinara etc etc. Things worked well in 1980 without the need of establishing all these useless organizations.