Mnangagwa hails Constitution

Source: Mnangagwa hails Constitution – DailyNews Live

Farayi Machamire      12 June 2017

HARARE – Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa has hailed the current
Constitution signed into law in 2013, replacing a Lancaster House charter
forged in the dying days of British colonial rule.

Approved overwhelmingly in a referendum in March of 2013, Mnangagwa said
it consolidates the gains of the struggle for independence.

“Whereas in colonial times, Parliament tended to act unilaterally and
enacted laws that favoured the white elite, the new 2013 Constitution
consolidates the constitutional gains that our living and late gallant
heroes fought for during the struggle for independence,” Mnangagwa said
during Parliament’s Open Day Symposium on Friday.

The new Constitution largely retains Zimbabwe’s imperial presidential
powers, devolves power to local governments, strengthens the role of
Parliament, expands civil liberties and elevates the status of women.

“It is lauded for its substantive content that introduces salient
foundational democratic elements that are consistent with the needs and
aspirations of the people for a free society,” Mnangagwa said.

“The new Constitution contains an expanded Bill of Rights under Chapter 4
which provides for economic, social, cultural and environmental rights.

“It has inspired an environment for multi-party democracy to flourish.”

Meanwhile, legislative watchdog, Veritas has urged National Assembly
speaker Jacob Mudenda to issue a statement calling on the Justice ministry
to accelerate the alignment of the country’s laws to the Constitution.


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    Samaita 5 years ago

    Conveniently forgets that they used the same “Colonial” Constitution to their benefit for for nearly 33 years to chop and change the laws to suit themselves.. If new one is so wonderful why all the foot dragging and dodging getting the laws that required changing in line with it?? Like all ZPf — all talk no action when comes to doing the right things required!!!!!