More diamond mining equipment arrives

Source: More diamond mining equipment arrives | The Herald May 31, 2017

Samuel Kadungure in MUTARE—
The second batch of heavy equipment imported by Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) from Belarus has arrived as Government shifts from low-value alluvial to full-scale lucrative conglomerate and kimberlite diamond mining. ZCDC is mining diamonds in Marange after taking over from firms that were removed amid revelations that they were involved in underhand dealings which prejudiced the State.

The equipment will transform diamond mining and make it contribute significantly to the country’s long-term sustainable development thrust.

The equipment, which arrived here on Monday and was being cleared by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra), included three giant mining dump trucks.

The first batch of the equipment comprising seven dump trucks arrived last Tuesday, while the third batch is expected today.

The heavy duty plant equipment was procured from Belarus under a $32 million Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) facility.

ZCDC will receive a total of 21 dump trucks and five dozers under the facility.

ZCDC chief executive officer Dr Moris Mpofu said all the equipment and sophisticated technology would be in the country before end of year.

“The second batch of the equipment, comprising of dump trucks has arrived in the country, but it is yet to be installed,” he said. “When the entire consignment is in the country and installed, we will expect significant mining operations at Chiadzwa as we have been depending on contract mining.

“The shift from contract mining to own mining capacity, will bring efficiency and increase production capacity. The dump truck will be complemented by excavation, which we are importing and between the next three months and end of the year you will be seeing more equipment coming into the country.”

RBZ has injected $25 million working capital into ZCDC to allow it to continue producing diamonds, over and above the $32 million for acquisition of sophisticated mining equipment and machinery.

ZCDC has also adopted a stock accumulation policy from RBZ and Government, which allows it to build and accumulate diamond stocks for tender at competitive prices on the global market.

Conglomerate mining has started in concessions previously held by Marange Resources, Mbada Diamonds and DMC and ZCDC will soon be moving into other outstanding diamond concessions in Marange and Chimanimani.


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    To re-invigorate and capacitate the Looting!!!

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    How much tax didn’t you pay for those imports as I’m paying for lays chips Gushungo’s favourite

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    When will I as a Zimbabwean eat some if these diamonds, I am entitled as much as you Grace to eat the fruit of my country!