Moyo blasts ministers

via Moyo blasts ministers – Southern Eye 13 July 2015 by Nqobile Bhebhe

Economic Planning and Investment Promotion minister Simon Khaya-Moyo has accused un-named cabinet ministers of personalising their portfolios and engaging in ‘things which are totally unacceptable’.

He said the conduct of the un-named ministers was depressing.

Speaking at a business conference organised by the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) in Bulawayo on Friday, Khaya Moyo said while the country was endowed with countless high value minerals, little was being realised due to lack of accountability.

“We hear of so much diamonds but where does (the money go) to,” he said.

“Unless we become a country of accountability we cannot progress. People do as they please.

“We have seen a lot of depressing conduct of some leaders doing things which are totally un-acceptable.

“You are accountable to yourself. You say it’s my ministry, really? It’s the people’s ministry.

“You get to those positions from the people. You serve people first and not yourself first. We cannot allow that to happen,” he added.
Khaya Moyo said corruption was rife in the country.

“Let’s be disciplined and not be corrupt and I hope we can assist each other,” he said.

Khaya Moyo also admitted that the economic blue print — Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset) was not producing intended results.

ZimAsset is a five-year economic blueprint that is aimed at creating 2,2 million jobs, ensure food security and improve infrastructure as well as social services in the country.

President Robert Mugabe’s government is struggling to raise the $27 billion required to fund its ZimAsset programme.

Khaya Moyo said ZimAsset had targeted economic growth to be averaging between 7,3 % during the period of October and December 2013.

“The economy was also expected to grow by 6 % in 2014 and continue on an upward trajectory to 9,9 % by 2018,” he said.

“However, the country could only manage growth rates of 3,4% and 3,1 % in 2013.

“We have not done extremely well.”

Khaya Moyo said the decline in 2013 can be generally attributed to low business confidence.

“I cannot blame you for low confidence as it is due to liquidity constraints. We have no money,” he said.


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    Gudoguru 7 years ago

    Can someone tell me if these word were coming from Simeon or Simon Khaya Moyo. Instead of telling us were the diamond money is going he ask the audience. How many times did Mugabe flew this week along? What deals did VP Munanga… sign with China last week?

    Do you think you comrades would retain power for nothing without looting the state riches,

    Papa Moyo umenemene, upambeni

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    It is really frightening that these MP’s and Mini-Stars know NOTHING of industry or business. And I mean NOTHING.

    A country grows and prospers when small businesses are prospering and in most countries they provide most of the employment and most of the taxes (big enterprises employ accountants to wriggle out of a lot of tax)

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    munyaradzi guzha 7 years ago

    We are tired of these blame game by filthy crooks in gorvenment.The entire society has lost the much needed confidence whicj is very critical for this country to move forward.We don’t need cosmetic approach if we are to see our country come out of the quagmire Robert Mugabe’s maladiminsration.What the country needs is not a mere engine overhaul.Zimbabwe needs a complete news engine to stir it out of the circus.Cabinet reshufles,Chinise mega deals or anything this current gorvenment prescribes will not work.A new approach can not come from a tired 90 + year old tired leadership.We will need the spirit of the 70s to take this regime head on ,otherwise this generation will not see a Zimbabwe of their dreams.