MP sues The Herald over ‘dirty dozen’ stories

via MP sues The Herald over ‘dirty dozen’ stories – DailyNews Live  8 October 2014 by Chengeyai Zvauya

HARARE – Zanu PF MP for Makonde Kindness Paradza is suing Zimpapers for $60 000 for stating that he solicited for donations from the US embassy.

Paradza is suing Zimpapers, The Herald editor Caesar Zvayi and the reporter who penned the “dirty dozen” stories. Paradza alleged the articles defamed him.

Paradza is demanding $60 000 from Zimpapers, $60 000 from Zvayi and $10 000 from Zvamaida Murwira, a senior reporter at The Herald over two articles published on September, 19 and 25, 2014 titled “12 MPs in US funding scandal” and “Govt condemns dirty dozen”.

He said the articles were wrong, defamatory and potrayed him as an unethical, corrupt, dishonest and unscrupulous official.

Paradza has retained Dube Makinai and Hwacha legal practitioners to mount the suit.

He also demanded a retraction of the story within five days and demanded that the retraction should receive the same prominence as the “defamatory articles.”

Paradza said the articles falsely claimed that he was working with the United States government to illegally overthrow a constitutionally-elected government.

He said the articles also claimed that he was seeking financial funding from the US through illegal, illicit or improper means contrary to Zimbabwean government procedures .

The lawyers wrote “You continue to describe our client as part of the dirty dozen and to republish such defamatory phrase and content despite the fact that our client has informed you of the correct position and the US has also clarified that it never gave money to our clients nor does it have any relations with our client.”