MPs demand Gudyanga dismissal

Source: MPs demand Gudyanga dismissal – DailyNews Live

Blessings Mashaya      10 May 2017

HARARE – African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC) has
demanded the dismissal of Mines ministry permanent secretary Francis
Gudyanga over his alleged corrupt activities in the diamond sector.

This comes after Parliament’s Mines portfolio committee recommended that
the Civil Service Commission fires Gudyanga within a month following a
report that exposed the gross abuse of funds in the diamonds sector.

The James Maridadi-led APNAC said government must send a clear message
that they do not tolerate corruption, by firing Gudyanga.

“APNAC Zimbabwe takes very seriously the issues of governance and
accountability raised by the parliamentary committee on Mines and Mining
Development in their report tabled in Parliament on May 2, 2017 and
consequently implores government to implement the committee

“APNAC implores government to implement the recommendations of the . . .
committee . . . This will send a clear message to all and sundry that all
corrupt people when caught, will be dealt with decisively.”

The Mines and Energy committee has said mining activities in Marange were
being affected by interference of politicians.

” . . . it is unacceptable that the secretary for Mines is directly
involved in operational issues at ZCDC (Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond
Company), at MMCZ (Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe), at ZMDC
(Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation) and other institutions directly
linked to the mining industry. The workload is too heavy for one person
and this had negative impacts on operations of some of these entities,”
the report said.

The committee said Gudyanga must be fired.

“The Civil Service Commission should recall . . . Gudyanga in line with
section 205 of the Constitution. The grounds of dismissal include his role
in aiding illicit financial outflows, poor corporate governance and at
times his position has been conflicted.

“Any board appointments by ZMDC for by the minister of Mines should be in
line with section 17 and 18 of the Constitution which promotes fair
regional representation and gender balance.”

The committees’ report also added that competition should be promoted in
the production of diamonds in Zimbabwe.

“The ministry of Mines should allow independent players to participate in
diamond production in various parts of the country, including the Marange

“Without proper legal framework which outlines the responsibilities of
various actors in the diamond sector, the current system is porous and
being abused. As a result, the country will be not be able to realise
meaningful returns from the sector. Whilst, the diamond policy outlines
government’s vision in the diamond sector, it is not binding on anyone.”


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    Contrary to the noble call by the MPs, anyone who knows Mugabe will tell you what the man will do should he decide to do something about Gudyanga. For the benefit of those who are not so familiar with how Mugabe operate let me just spell it out here:

    The least Mugabe will do to Gudyanga is pat him on the back, shower him with praises and encourage him to continue doing what his doing (i.e. stealing & all sorts of mischief). At his best Mugabe will promote Gudyanga to a more senior & more powerful position in government and/or even zanu pf itself. This is the sad reality of how Mugabe operates. Of course, Mugabe’s grand strategy is to surround himself with such dubious characters of the calibre of Francis so as to create an insulation barrier of shock-troopers around himself. These are the individuals who become so much beholden to him that when they say they are prepared to kill or die for Mugabe they actually mean it. The dirtier one is are the closer Mugabe wants s/he near him. These are the very people who loudly genuinely shout “Munhu wose kuna Amai” even if they kow very well that their so-called Amai is a psychiatric patient. nxaaaaaa!