Msipa sings praises for Mnangagwa

via Msipa sings praises for Mnangagwa 02 January 2015

NEW vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa is a hard worker who will turn the fortunes of the country around if given the chance, former Midlands Governor Cephas Msipa has claimed.

In an interview with Msipa also claimed that had it not been for Mnangagwa the environment including conservancies in the Midlands province would have been destroyed during the violent land reform exercise.

He said: “During land reform we thought of preserving our animal conservancies in the province and today we boast of places like Antelope Park which is among the country’s biggest tourist attractions. We knew back then that our people were not capable to manage these conservancies, all what they thought of was to take land and by now all the animals you see there would have been killed. All these things we shared with the new VP.”

Most of the country’s conservancies, including the internationally acclaimed Save Conservancy, were decimated during the land reform program supposedly meant to redress colonial land imbalances.

Msipa, believed to have been rooting for deposed former vice president Joice Mujuru in the run-up to the Zanu PF congress late last year, said that given his experiences with the man he was confident that Mnangagwa would make the right decisions for the country.

“Mnangagwa is much better to deliver the country’s economy especially considering its state at present. He can advise the President well on how to do things.

“I have always watched him closely since long back and I have things to appreciate from him; during my time as the Governor of this province Midlands, we worked closely together, him advising me well,” said Msipa.

Msipa, a former Zapu stalwart, also fought for the elevation of former party chairman and now spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo who lost the battle to career diplomat Phelekezela Mphoko.

Mnangagwa who for years has been seen as President Robert Mugabe’s heir apparent finally shot to the top following a vicious factional fight with Mujuru, but prevailed with massive support from the first family.

Msipa who is now only a Central Committee member after losing his place in the politburo fought tenaciously for Mujuru’s retention, expressing his displeasure at her demonization.

But this week Msipa sang praises for Mjuru’s replacement.

He said Mnangagwa had also assisted him to preserve dairy farms in the Midlands province at the height of the chaotic land redistribution exercise.

“We worked together well and he advised me well from the time during the time of land reform; today the province is the best and the President is happy that the province is doing well on dairy farming.

“He (Mnangagwa) has a passion for the country’s economy to develop and to turn around its fortunes after decades of decline and stagnation,” said Msipa.

Zimbabwe’s political, economic and social problems that worsened at the turn of the century have continued and commentators point to corruption and Mugabe’s continued stranglehold on power as some of the major causes.

Following his elevation to the position of VP and subsequent assumption of acting presidency a week later, Mnangagwa immediately indicated his wish to see policy changes particularly to the country’s contentious indigenisation law.


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    Reverend 8 years ago

    Msipa you are just another bootlicker of the “zaoid self admiration society”. The very people you praise and find worthy of you sing song have got much to answer for, like murder, torture, thieving,cheating,looting,and destruction of a wonderful country. He Munangagwa, has no passion for Zimbabwe, only for himself and his own wealth…Why dont you go and praise Obert Mpofu now…he needs a good old pat on the back from the zsas for his thieving and looting. Their time is soon.

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    Munangangwa VP 8 years ago

    Msipa is lying, if pple had taken more land including conservancies We should have received more votes than using Mudade to win the elections during that year. I dont like unelected spokesman in my career, remember I am the VP

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    Reverend I would describe Msika as one of the many Zanu DRONES. My definition of a Zanu DRONE is as follows:A male bee, especially a honeybee, that is characteristically stingless, performs no work, and produces no honey. Its only function is to shower praises on the King bee and eat a lot of honey.

    • comment-avatar
      Reverend 8 years ago

      Hi Doc, How you doing?
      Yes you are spot on with the “drone” story, and these overweight fools have stolen all the honey, and the king bee is a demented old fool. Yesteday his vice said he was brilliant!! Another useless ignorant drone.

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    Ha Ha Ha Doc …Parasite Politician is also appropriate meaning a Politician that lives off the hard work of other people, obtaining riches while offering no benefit in return.

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    kalulu 8 years ago

    Cde Msipa it would have been better if you had kept your new views to yourself as you are now exposing yourself as someone who has no principles. Just revisit your utterances before the zanu mugabe conference and your recent comments, they do not seem to come from the same person unless you are a coward.

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    Well said Cde Msipa. Under the circumstances Mnangagwa is the only person who can rescue the heavily destroyed economy and I have no doubt about that. His real challenge is corruption because to effectively deal with it he has to get rid of the entire Zanu Politbro and Central Committee first.

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    Peter Homerai 8 years ago

    Guys I would want to differ. Yes Msipa tried to defend former vice president Mujuru but that’s water under the bridge now. The man is a pragmatist,instead of dwelling in the past he has moved on. As of now the country is facing ignominious challenges; the economy,corruption and directionless opposition rank above the rest. VP Mnangagwa ‘s utterances that the Indigenous law needs revisiting shows that cde Mnangagwa understands the challenges confronting the country and should be supported. Given the crop of our current political team, cde Mnangagwa has both the experience and political stamina to save as VP.

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    Peter Homerai with all due respect to you I am not holding my breath to see any improvement because of Mnanagagwa’s elevation. He is part of the crop of Politicians that has been there from day one. If we count the days he has been in Zanu hierarchy for 12,780 days (35yrs) what has he ever done other than get involved in shady deals and plunder. Msipa was not as visible in his shenanigans but he as well has done absolutely nothing to benefit the country. Granted a lot of connected people have benefited from the misrule of the country but the general population have suffered because of this misrule. What does Mnangagwa bring to the table at this late hour? Nothing. He will take from the table as he has been doing.What did Msika leave on the table? Nothing. These people have been recycled year after year and they get worse year after year. Anyone that was grown up between 1975 and 1998 will know what I mean. Anyone grown up after 1990 might think the potholes they see, the power cuts they have and the dirty streets and the corruption are the norm. I was born long before 1975. Long before…

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    Chanisa 8 years ago

    In circumstances where anyone other than Mugabe is better, Msipa may have a point. Many people like Tsvangirayi not because he is a star, but because he is not Mugabe.

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    As I said I will not hold my breath.

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    Zvakwana 8 years ago

    The only thing zpf any good at is praise singing.

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    Reverend 8 years ago

    They have to praise themselves…no one else does…It is really embarrasing that they actually are so stupid they cannot understand the dammage they have done to this country!

    Peter Homerai your friend Munangagwa is nothing more than a man who hates his own mankind and has proved it over and over and his promise to Mugabe is to keep the family, but watch he will eat them too…why do you thinnk he got the name “the crocodile”?

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    tapera 7 years ago

    honorable msipa thank you, but munangagwa is not what you are saying i think you just from the midlands any munangagwa elevation would benefit you that`s what homies are are playing big brother here than the truth.