Mthwakazi leader donates towards reburial of human remains

THE secessionist party, Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) leader, Mqondisi Moyo has donated cement and food towards the reburial of human remains, which were discovered at Gwandavale in Matopo last week.

Source: Mthwakazi leader donates towards reburial of human remains – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 11, 2017


Moyo on Thursday visited Matobo accompanied by MRP secretary for foreign affairs, Ackim Mhlanga and spokesperson, Mbonisi Gumbo, among other senior members, for the reburial of the remains of the unidentified people, where he donated cement bags and food.

The MPR leader, who grew up in Gwandavale, said: “We need to start defending our space and promote our culture, as we march towards Mthwakazi Restoration. In Gwandavale, there are a lot of problems, chief among them being the shortage of water. There are no boreholes and people drink water from dams and open wells. MRP is a people’s party that listens to people’s concerns and wants to resolve this.”

Acting chief of the area, Killion Masuku, was happy at the proper burial of the human remains.

Masuku encouraged villagers to be united, work together and make sure they protect their area. The traditional leader said local people were not being respected. He said Matopo National Park was not benefiting locals despite the influx of tourists.

Villagers also said food was being distributed in a partisan way with only Zanu PF supporters benefiting.

Human remains are regularly discovered in Matopo, which was one of the areas worst affected by the killing of an estimated 20 000 civilians by the Fifth Brigade during the infamous Gukurahundi era in the 1980s.


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    gatsheni 5 years ago

    Im fully behind MRP,we as Matebeleland people are being treated like none Citizens of the Country, hence our cries to have proper Party and a Leader that will listen to our grievances and Build our loverly Region to be what it was some 20yrs ago, City of Kings is now regarded as City of Trush and there’s no near help to Build it back,MTHWAKAZI REPUBLIC PARTY is here to Build Matebeleland back,Build Roads , create jobs to our kids who are growing in such an unbelievable situation.