Muduvuri in hot water over Mnangagwa campaign

ZANU PF central committee member and Kadoma businessman Jimaya Muduvuri has been summoned to appear before the ruling party’s Mashonaland West provincial disciplinary committee to explain his role in “cleansing Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s faction’s soiled public image”.

Source: Muduvuri in hot water over Mnangagwa campaign – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 10, 2016


Muduvuri confirmed the development over the weekend, saying he would soon appear before the committee headed by vice-chairperson Keith Guzah.

“I asked my sekuru (uncle Mnangagwa) if it was true that he wanted to succeed President (Robert) Mugabe now or in the near future and he told me that those were lies. I requested him to go public dispelling those notions. That’s when he sent me to do it on his behalf . . . (On) Friday, I was in Manicaland and today (Sunday), I’m coming from Mashonaland East preaching the same gospel,” Muduvuri told NewsDay.

Two months ago, Zanu PF women’s league secretary for finance Sarah Mahoka challenged Mnangagwa to declare his interests in the ongoing succession battle amid reports he was clandestinely campaigning to succeed Mugabe.
Mnangagwa is reportedly locked in a bitter tussle for control of the ruling party with First Lady Grace, who reportedly leads another Zanu PF faction known as G40.

Mnangagwa and Grace have both denied harbouring any presidential ambitions, at least while Mugabe “is still alive”.
Muduvuri’s issue has also allegedly caused fissures within the provincial women’s league structures in the ruling party, with knives out for acting chairperson Angeline Muchemenyi.

Muchemenyi took over from the late Joana Tsogolani.

Insiders claim Muchemenyi and Muduvuri were now being accused of having changed factions and now rooting for Mnangagwa, hence the current tensions and move to “remove them”.

Contacted for comment, Muchemenyi said some people were not happy with her political rise without elaborating.

Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairperson Ephraim Chengeta referred questions to Guzah, who also refused to shed light.

“I can only respond to issues that are before the disciplinary committee which I chair. Anything outside that has to be responded to by the head of the province, who happens to be Chengeta,” Guzah said.


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    machakachaka 5 years ago

    Zanu PF really beats me. When Mphoko and Grace say they do not have immediate presidential ambitions, they are praised. And when Mnangagwa does the same through a senior party official, disciplinary measures are taken. What should Mnangagwa do now? Is it not that whatever Mnangagwa does is wrong in the eyes of G40? No wonder why Mnangagwa had chosen to keep quiet and concentrate on his work as vice-president. He had chosen to remain silent whilst Mphoko, Mahoka, Moyo, Kasukuwere and Grace went into overdrive demonising him. I don’t believe Mnangwagwa is the next president of this country, and there is no need to make life difficult for him. Even if he was going to be the next president, he will have to wait for due nomination from Zanu PF. I don’t see why a political party which has already decided on its presidential candidate for 2018 polls should be bickering about Mnangagwa. They will actually see Mnangagwa campaigning for Bob come campaign time. Why all this madness then?

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    NGIDINWE NGYAFA 5 years ago