Mugabe — author of Zim problems

Manoeuvres by President Robert Mugabe to purge dissenting voices in the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) show the President’s duplicity to fulfil his insatiable love for power and personal gains.

Source: Mugabe — author of Zim problems – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 8, 2016

His use of a carrot and stick in dealing with the ZNLWVA leader Christopher Mutsvangwa and others also shows that the Zanu PF leader will stop at nothing to achieve his goal to eliminate those that threaten his continued stranglehold on power.

Clearly, it appears it does not matter to Mugabe whether the move is good for the citizenry or not, what is certainly clear in his mind is the continued control of the country by his dynasty.

It is not so-much about this particular group, but how the whole issue is playing out before the citizenry. It is crazier for Mugabe to push for the new ZNLWVA leadership to impose his wishes among the rank and file of the former liberation fighters in time for the 2018 elections.

We are aware that the ex-fighters have made it clear they will not campaign for Mugabe in the 2018 elections hence his moves to remove the group that has fallen out with him.

Really, if Mugabe believes that leadership change does solve critical governance issues, is it not time for him to kindly surrender power given the political, social and economic collapse in the country?

We wonder if it is not Mugabe who authored all of Zimbabwe’s post-independence problems and yet he is still sticking around 36 years on. How long has the Mutsvangwa-led executive been leading the ZNLWVA? How many war veterans’ executives have come and gone?

The move to silence the war veterans by pushing out the Mutsvangwa-led executive is as ridiculous as it sounds in that if Mugabe himself is too stubborn to resign after 36 years in power why should he expect the ZNLWVA leadership to resign even before their term of office elapses?

For the record, Zimbabweans would have hoped that the need for leadership change was right there in the national presidency.

There is no doubt that Zimbabweans who voted Mugabe to power at Independence in 1980, could have let down the country by failing to interrogate the type of leader the person they were voting for was. It appears they used emotions instead of reasoning.

It is, therefore, hoped that as the nation gears for the 2018 election, the electorate should interrogate all the aspiring leaders intending to contest in the polls with a view to come up with a people servant.

We applaud the courts for respecting the laws in so far as the ZNLWVA issue is concerned. Due process must be followed, and Mugabe must be prepared to be bound by the country’s statutes. It is unfortunate that his leadership has turned to be dictatorial at the detriment of the country.

Was it not Mugabe who told the Mutsvangwa executive in April this year that the ZNLWVA was a welfare organisation which had nothing to do with Zanu PF? So, if it’s for welfare issues, he should leave the ZNLWVA to deal with their welfare organisation and not poke his long nose into their affairs. In any case he fired all of them from Zanu PF, so leave them to deal with their personal issues.

There is no doubt that these latest tactics show Mugabe intends to abuse the war veterans once again to campaign for him through coercion.

Whatever the outcome of the discussions fronted by War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube, this will show Zimbabweans the calibre of the country’s war veterans.

Either the war veterans are forever stupid or they remain resolute on good governance and justice for the good of Zimbabwe until change of national leadership.


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    ntaba 6 years ago

    Mugabe and Zanu have lost tbeir “Social Licence to operate.” They are still in denial about this loss.

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    “Either the war veterans are forever stupid or they remain resolute on good governance and justice for the good of Zimbabwe until change of national leadership.”

    While I agree with most of the author’s opinions in this article, I do have serious problem with this very last sentence. In fact, I seriously wonder if it is the author’s belief and intention to tell us that these so-called o-vets have ever really worried about “good governance and justice for the good of Zimbabwe”.
    I totally disagree.

    My simple take is: the author is simple trying to patronize or impress these rogue elements because for once they are fighting the people and country’s arch-enemy. Yet they are fighting for a totally different cause . We all know, the o-vets are fighting to replace the corrupt & dictatorial Mugabe by another corrupt dictator of their choice, in the name of EDM. So, what good is that for Zimbabwe?

    What is good for Zim is new & clean leadership not recycling of the same corrupt & deadwood – tinted with blood & totally averse to democracy, justice and good governance. Surely, there is nothing good for Zim in that.

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      i am not the one 6 years ago

      Bang on Mapingu. War vets are a scourge on the country and be honest, they amount to little more than lazy has-beens who for some reason believe they have entitlement to anything and everything….for free.

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    Taneta 6 years ago

    The deep down truth is that Zimbabweans no longer honestly speaking want Mugabe any longer, the longer he clings on at the Zimbabwean people’s backs the more the masses hate not only him but zanu pf itself with a passion. Pliz mugabe BUT–OFF our backs and forever!!!!!