Mugabe complains about Grace’s cooking

Source: Mugabe complains about Grace’s cooking – NewZimbabwe 17/05/2016

GRACE Mugabe hardly finds time to cook for her elderly husband, leaving him at the uncharitable and incompetent mercy of learner cooks who regularly make a mess of the job.

President Robert Mugabe, now 92, joked about the stink in his kitchen while visiting relatives at Gutu in Masvingo last Friday.

The veteran leader revealed his culinary woe as he paid his respects to the late Chief Gutu – an uncle of his – who died in 2013.

He revealed that Grace, presently out of the country with their newly-born grandson, hardly does any cooking at home and regularly hires and fires help in the kitchen.

In most cases, President Mugabe added, the hired cooks would be inexperienced and still learning their trade, effectively reducing the Zanu PF leader to a “guinea pig”.

Listen to Mugabe’s kitchen lament below:


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    spiralx 6 years ago

    He just hangs around drinking the red stuff while she’s out riding on her hyena.

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    TJINGABABILI 6 years ago


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    zambuko 6 years ago

    Zimbabweans also know what it is to be a guinea pig.

    Mugabe’s economic policies.

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    ntaba 6 years ago

    It seems that this report is inaccurate. Both Robert Mugabe and Grace Mugabe are excellent cooks. They have been cooking the books on the diamond sales and the Printing Press for years now. There is nothing that they cannot cook with the help of Gono and Scoones – from the money supply and the wild success of the Land Reform Programme to the report on the massacre of 20 000 civilians in Matabeleland. The numbers and facts are always exceptionally well cooked. The latest dish from Master Chef Bob was to tell Patrick Anthony Chinamasa to tell the people that the Bond Notes are going to happen. The Bond Notes will flood the market – again – and then the close inner circle of Zanu will dupe the people of Zimbabwe to swap their their genuine US dollars (held by the people) for some Zanu Bond Toilet Paper that Mugabe, Gono, Chinamasa and Scoones will sell as a worthy form of currency! If 10 million Zimbabweans have an average of US$100 each in their mattress – then these cooks (or crooks?) want to get their greasy little paws on it – to the tune of $1000 million US Dollars. The Diasporans need to careful about feeding the Zanu Fat Cats in their quest to feed the families and friends. The new marketing line for Bond Notes will be “Zanu Bond Toilet Paper – the luxury you cannot afford to pay for in US$.”
    Once Bob has the US$ he needs he will then use the bond toilet paper to wipe his *#*# and be done with it, like the Matabeleland Massacres.

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    And that is your only complaint Bob The Sod- your poor meals ??? At least you have food on your table, you thieving swine.