Mugabe is like Jesus: Police

Police recruits yesterday likened President Robert Mugabe to Jesus Christ, saying he was being “rebelled against and persecuted” by people he liberated.


Source: Mugabe is like Jesus: Police – NewsDay Zimbabwe

At least 45 police recruits representing 615 police graduates at Morris Depot in Harare yesterday said the Zanu PF leader was the “real angel Gabriel sent by God to deliver Zimbabwe and Africa”.

“Like Jesus Christ who was crucified by a people whom He saved, you have innocently grappled with all forms of persecution. Your Excellency, the writing is clear on the wall that you are the angel Gabriel sent to deliver Zimbabwe and Africa,” the police recruits recited while making a pledge before Mugabe who officiated.

The recruits, who underwent a one-year training course, described Mugabe as a champion of human rights and an ardent believer in black empowerment.

“Because of you (Mugabe), Zimbabwe is a land of peace and tranquillity, equity, equality, freedom, fairness, honesty and the dignity of hard work. You have been attacked for championing the cause of the people, justice and equality, for denouncing racial segregation, immorality, corruption, human rights abuse and violence,” the police recruits intoned.

However, Mugabe and his government have been accused of gross violations of human rights since independence, including the Gukurahundi massacres which resulted in the death of an estimated 20 000 civilians in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces in the 1980s.

In his address, Mugabe said the new officers should brace themselves for a tough career of policing where there were daring criminals who were prepared to do
anything as they execute their nefarious missions.

Mugabe arrived an hour late for the passout parade. The Zanu PF leader said he did not sleep well the previous night as his last-born child, Bellarmine Chatunga, had a stomach problem that forced them to run around looking for doctors.

“The boys eat, I don’t know what they eat which is wrong, that’s why I could not make it in time. I am sorry,” he said.


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    Homo Erectus 7 years ago

    Less than 10% of the Police graduands revere Mugabe and think that he is Jesus Christ. Just goes to show how unpopular this monolithic, thieving, dictatorial, senile old fart really is.
    Why spend all that time looking for a doctor when you could have commandeered the Air Zim 767 and flown to Singapore or Dubai? The child probably got a tummy bug from eating all that imported stuff from South Africa; or maybe it was bad milk from Gushongo Dairies.

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      Joe Cool 7 years ago

      Had to run around looking for doctors because they’ve all been exported under the new human export initiative. No ethanol to put in the 767.

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    Chidumbu 7 years ago

    And the Village idiot show continues

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    ntaba 7 years ago

    If that be the case – perhaps we should arrange for a cross to be supplied to the Police Depot so that the recruits can then go to State House for the rest of the ritual? I believe that it may well be long over due?

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    TJINGABABILI 7 years ago


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    nelson moyo 7 years ago

    The Zimbabwe comedy show continues on a daily basis with Comrade Robert ( Aka Jesus) Mugabe on show as the head clown

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    Cde Magorira Ambuya 7 years ago

    Ah duzvi.