Mugabe lashes out at ‘miserly’ West

via Mugabe lashes out at ‘miserly’ West – NewZimbabwe 30/11/2015

FRANCE: President Robert Mugabe lashed out at “miserly” developed nations at the UN climate summit Monday, accusing them of trying to shift the burden for curbing carbon emissions onto poor countries.

The elderly firebrand, who has a notoriously sour relationship with the West, said the developed nations were historically responsible for the “precarious climate environment we currently live in.”

“It is unconscionable that not only are developed countries miserly in providing the means” for developing countries, “but also want inordinately to burden us with cleaning up the mess they themselves have created,” he told the gathering.

Mugabe was among 150-plus heads of state and government attending the opening one-day summit of a two-week conference tasked with crafting the first-ever truly universal climate pact.

A key disagreement between rich and developing nations at the talks revolves around who should be doing what to curb climate-altering emissions from burning fossil fuels, and who should pay.

Mugabe said African countries were not to blame for climate change and had more at risk, as they did not have the money for shoring up defences against impacts such as droughts and rising seas.

“We cannot and we will not assume more obligations,” he said. “Doing so will dent our development aspirations, and in particular our efforts to eradicate poverty.”


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    R Judd 7 years ago

    Every dry season now the sky goes a kind of grey colour. Some days in places like Kariba you can barely see the sun even though there is not a cloud in the sky. The cause is not industrial pollution from the West, but millions of square kilometers of bush being burned from Harare to Nairobi and everywhere in between, a natural consequence of the very backward land policies championed by the likes of Mugabe himself

    on a different note, there are none more miserly than Mugabe who likes to feast while others starve.

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    ….. and he then gave western leaders the account number of his wife’s account in Singapore …..
    roberto – hamuna credibility!!

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    Johann 7 years ago

    So says the hypocrite who spends his live in a western made aircraft travelling and burning fossil fuels to avoid the mess he’s created in the once was Bread Basket of Africa.

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    The hypocrasy shown in Bobo’s statements reveals the nature of the man.

    Bush fires are not an African phenomenon, having this year, caused massive damage in California and Australia, I think.
    The industrial West, now joined by China, is choking the world to death, African bush fires regardless.

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    Why do these journalists tip toe around that man that is the president of Zimbabwe ??? Without bringing up the relevant stories ie illegal gold panning illegal bush clearing (burning) the list is endless and you say (print) not a single word// IT IS YOUR JOB (YOU GET PAID FOR IT)// AND YOU CALL YOUR SELF PROFESSIONALS // SHAME ON YOU// YOU ARE DISGRACEFUL//

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    Only Fools 7 years ago

    Because there is no ZESA, thousands of acres of forests are being cut down to provide fuel for domestic use. How good is that for the environment. Thank you ZANUPF once again for not providing electricity!