Mugabe living in Cloud cuckoo land

Mugabe living in Cloud cuckoo land

Source: Mugabe living in Cloud cuckoo land – DailyNews Live

20 April 2017

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday wasted a golden opportunity to
pronounce key solutions to economic challenges affecting the masses such
as a debilitating cash crunch that is threatening to break the country

To say Zimbabwe is a pale shadow of its former self would be an
understatement. The country is literally on its knees with unemployment
hovering over 90 percent, massive company closures, hunger and poverty
stalking the majority of its citizens.

A myriad of bad economic decisions in the last 37 years have made sure
that Zimbabwe is a laughing stock not only in the Sadc region, but
internationally as well.

Foreign investors are constantly skirting the country in favour of
regional neighbours such as Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa and
Zambia, thanks to Mugabe and his Zanu PF-led government’s chaotic land
reform programme and the controversial indigenisation policies.

Delivering his Independence Day speech at the National Sports Stadium,
Mugabe proved our assertion right that his government might have rigged
its way into power in 2013, but they have failed to rig and revive the

The ageing leader failed to address pressing national issues such as the
high unemployment rate, water shortages, liquidity crisis, lack of
medicines in hospitals, declining education standards and deteriorating
production in the country.

Not even once, did our dear leader address concerns of at least 13,5
million people who are hopeless about the future due to his government’s
populist policies that have decimated Zimbabwe’s famed agricultural

The situation at public schools is appalling to say the least. For the
first time since independence in 1980, Zimbabwe is witnessing a huge
number of school children dropping out since their parents have failed to
pay for their fees due to lack of disposable incomes while teachers have
since stopped taking classes seriously due to low remuneration and poor
working conditions.

By proving to be increasingly out of sync with reality, we think that the
time has come for Mugabe to self-introspect and think of the legacy he
wants to leave behind.

After 37 years at the helm, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict
that it’s now time that he passes on the baton to the next leader – with
new strategies that will make Zimbabwe an economic giant again.

At the moment, Zimbabwe’s economic situation is made worse by political
uncertainty and in particular, the general vagueness, apparent confusion
and intra-party fighting over the future leadership of the country.


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    That old man has been living in Cloud Cuckoo Land for over 30 years. The big question is: where is the right person to take over from him?

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    Khalabemgeza 1 year


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    Karon Dahmer 1 year

    Zimbabwe is a failed state. A new mafia will take over from the Mugabe gangsters. Caught in a tragedy without end, Zimbabweans will continue to die too young or choose to flee the polity in search of more favourable conditions. Outcasts in their own country and also states to which they flee.