‘Mugabe must go’

via ‘Mugabe must go’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 7, 2016

OUTSPOKEN Kariba church leader, Patrick Mugadza, who attracted global attention last month after he staged a solo demonstration at the Zanu PF national conference in Victoria Falls, accusing government of fuelling poverty through maladministration, yesterday called on President Robert Mugabe to concede failure and step down immediately.


Addressing journalists in the capital, Mugadza, who is currently on $50 bail following his arrest, said he was ready to face “any consequences” arising from his remarks.

The Remnant Church leader was arrested after he staged a one-man protest in December, where he marched through Victoria Falls town waving a placard with the message: “Mr President, the people are suffering, Proverbs 21 vs 13.”

The State claims that the message was offensive and meant to demean the Office of the President.

Mugadza, who spent 18 days in remand prison after failing to raise the required $500 bail, was only released on New Year’s Eve after the intervention of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR).

ZLHR applied for a downward review of the bail to $50 after he had spent the Christmas holiday in jail.

Mugadza argued that elections were not the solution to the country’s political crisis, saying losers in the previous elections had always claimed to have won and went on to be declared winners.

“Focusing on elections in Zimbabwe is not the best way forward because we have examples that elections in Zimbabwe, with the way things are right now, do not work,” he said.
“In 2008, MDC claimed they won, it is believed, and when you win, you rule.

“But with a situation whereby somebody won, but did not rule, so if it is like that, you win and do not rule and you may still lose, but you rule, to me, it doesn’t make sense to have an election.”

He added: “My suggestion to the President is for him to allow a situation whereby he is going to be saying guys, things are not okay so as a result, because I love you
people, I fought for this nation, for its progress and not for its retrogression, what I am going to be doing is to give an opportunity to the nation to formulate a government of technocrats.

“He should say: ‘My sons and daughters, we have to take this nation from where it is’.

“I am not saying dislodging him because it will appear violent. I am saying it will be good to speak to him in love and say: ‘Mr President, things are not okay. It’s clear even to you that things are not okay, so may you have a way for this interim government to be put in place for the betterment of the people who you love and the people you fought for’.”

He said if given a minute with Mugabe, he would tell him to step down and allow technocrats to salvage the country from its current economic mess.

He also took a dig at local prophets who prophesied bumper harvests and economic prosperity in 2016, accusing them of acting as mouthpieces of the ruling party.

“It is important to have some men of God, some of our big prophets. I am a little-known pastor, but there are many other men of God out there who I strongly believe should stand up and begin to speak concerning our situation. They know what is going on, but they are not saying much,” he said.

“I was in South Africa about two or so months back, and I am going to be very frank because one of my prophets, when I was there, said the only direction to the solution for the nation of Zimbabwe is when we have a businessman ruling the nation.

“And this was (United Family International Church leader Emmanuel) Makandiwa speaking at one of his seminars in Sandton, South Africa.

“He is supporting an interim government led by technocrats, so I want to urge him [Makandiwa] and many others that have got a massive following and membership, that there are some who are not members, who follow them very much.

“If they stand up and begin to speak, I believe it will make a difference,” the Gutu-born pastor said. He said fear was Zimbabwe’s biggest enemy, adding that he was not afraid even if he were to be abducted Itai Dzamara-style as “sown seeds will always germinate”.

Dzamara, a staunch critic of Mugabe, was abducted in Harare early last year and has not been seen since then.

Mugadza said the reason why Zimbabweans continued to go to work despite receiving their salaries late was because of “a spirit of witchcraft circulating in the country”.

He urged people not to run away when confronted by baton-wielding riot police, saying the next time it happens, demonstrators should sit or kneel down to pray.


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    Mazano Rewayi 5 years ago

    Apart from the witchcraft nonsense, the brave Pastor touches on some true issues here. Fear is the main one. Father Zimbabwe once wrote very strongly on this topic some 30 years ago, so basically we have not moved an inch as a country. Ironically, the biggest cowards might be the security guys – how can a whole state machinery descend on one individual holding a placard with a quote from the bible? The same cowards ran away from Apostolic Sect members wielding nothing but Bibles and praying sticks only to come back armed to the teeth with tanks, guns and dogs! If people fight back chances are these thugs will all burn their uniforms to avoid detection. Most of them are Border Gezi graduates who understand very little, if anything, about state security work (beyond protecting their “chef”).

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    This country is security establishment, made strong intentionally, with the help of North Korea. We are a North Korea in every sense. The security guard runs the show here. Everything is operated from a security sector perspective. This is why you find that in the middle of a heightened economic malady stretching over 17years, Zimbabwe required aid from China to build a military college and now they talk of a parliament building in the bush.

    Kenya, Angola and Ethiopia among other are is building infrastructure to make their economies competitive and efficient.

    The Zim Govt has instead chosen Military colleges, Longcheng Plaza, National Sports Stadium, a Chinese hotel in Manicaland…all with no meaningful economic benefit. In fact, these so called investments are taking cash out of Zimbabwe. At Longcheng, the Chinese sell Chinese made goods at retail and use the funds to expand there cash mopping projects such as playgrounds for kids.

    The reason for the above situation is that the Zim govt is a military junta who want to retain their grip on the small incomes that come from minerals as a levy. They have no interest in anything else. They will be prepared to mass murder citizens who may raise any dust.

    Thus, Zimbabwe has already receded to the level DRC where most of the military generals saw how sweet it is to exploit minerals for personal aggrandizement. The public face of this is a 92year old geriatric who sleeps, reads wrong speeches and falls at the slight gush of winds. But the real power is with the security guard and this when contrasted with progressive corporate structuring, you cannot expect anything less with the night watchman running the show.

    The Chinese, Israels, Russians etc are so happy. They are using this state of affairs to mass extract and stockpile the vital minerals in their capitals. By the time Zimbabwe wakes up to produce for the world, there will be no raw materials available. The result is, it will take no less than 500years for Zimbabweans to find a developmental formula that benefits Zimbabwe.

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    Consciousness 5 years ago

    Pastor u are hero but you failed short to mention the most vital tool for a dictator to go ie the gun. Do you think he will listen to u just like that. Go further than that pastor. Radical

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    I am not a fan of the long treatise but I think you might just have nailed it here.

    Problem is, the North Korea you mentioned has got a leader hell bent on sending our planet into oblivion.
    Meaning, Zimbabwe hasn’t got 500yrs to get its act together.