Mugabe obsessed with power — Tsvangirai

via Mugabe obsessed with power — Tsvangirai – DailyNews Live 23 May 2015 by Helen Kadirire

HARARE – Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said president Robert Mugabe is possessed by a goblin which will not allow him to leave office.

He said this during a rally in Dzivaresekwa yesterday.

The former Premier told party supporters gathered at Chisamba ground, the 91-year-old president wanted to rest but could not because of what was haunting him spiritually.

“Mukuru uya ari kuda kuzorora unfortunately haagone nekuti munhu akaita chikwambo. Ndoda kutokuudzai kuti haabvipo kusvika afirapo (the president wants to rest but he cannot because he has a goblin. I want to tell you that he will not leave until he dies),” he said.

Tsvangirai said Mugabe’s stay in office is the pledge he made to his goblin.

The former union leader said with Mugabe Zimbabwe could not unleash its economic potential because he was too obsessed with power.

Tsvangirai said without electoral reforms there would be no economic recovery hence the need for transformation.

“We are now a nation of corruption, dealers, vendors and all sorts of debauchery. To top it all off they say that Mugabe is the most popular leader; do they think all these people are crazy,” he said.

His utterances come at a time when the country’s economy is in comatose and unemployment is said to be hovering over 80 percent.  UN agencies say at least 25 percent of the 13 million population made do with one meal a day.

The MDC leader said the uniformed forces should not be afraid of an MDC-led government after Mugabe goes because nothing will change.

Tsvangirai said the police and army should instead defend the people as opposed to subjecting them to constant harassment.

“We will not create another police force or army. All we want is for these security institutions to adhere to the Constitution and their mandate,” Tsvangirai said.


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    kalulu 7 years ago

    I am pleased to hear such a statement from Tsvangirayi as opposed to what he used to say in the past when he used to have tea/coffee with Mugabe when he said Mugabe wanted to leave office but was being prevented from leaving by the ‘securocrats’. I hope he now understands how Mugabe operates a ‘pretender’ creating factions in his party to cause confusion as a way of preventing party members from discussing ‘succession’ what a hypocrite.

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    chimusoro 7 years ago

    You need to be possessed by a goblin too.