Mugabe, stop the violence

We condemn this violence against the peace-loving people already reeling under the effects of the comatose economy.

Source: Mugabe, stop the violence – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 28, 2016

NewsDay Comment

We condemn this violence against the peace-loving people already reeling under the effects of the comatose economy.

We are aware that the tussle for the minds and souls of long-suffering citizens could result in Zanu PF going for broke especially as the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T and ex-Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First, among others, explore possibilities of coalescing against President Robert Mugabe.

Yet, Mugabe’s government should be focusing on feeding the 4,5 million food-insecure people. Zimbabwe’s economy is in a tailspin, thus, needs the international community to come in and assist with food. This alone should make Mugabe stop the violence by his Zanu PF party for the good of the country’s image.

Instead of working hard to alleviate the suffering of the majority of citizens, Mugabe is busy vilifying those perceived to hold different views from his in a democracy. Clearly, the deep-rooted factional fights in
Zanu PF are causing a lot of political instability within the ruling elite, but that should not disturb the peace prevailing in the country.

Mugabe must be warned that should he continue persecuting citizens who are struggling to feed their families, time shall come when he will have to answer for his deeds and those of his party supporters.

We urge Africa and the world at large to speak strongly against political violence by Zanu PF. Zimbabwe is not a one-party State, thus has room for opposition voices. Violence is against the Constitution of Zimbabwe which Mugabe has vowed to uphold.

It is regrettable, the violence that manifested itself in Zhombe also saw Zanu PF activists last month burning down opposition supporters’ homes in Headlands while MDC-T supporters were threatened with death in Gutu.

Could it be that Mugabe is unleashing violence on the citizens to stamp out competition against his wife Grace in an effort to create a family dynasty? Otherwise, there is no other reason that for someone who has been in power for 36 uninterrupted years.

Mugabe should not institutionalise violence, but should protect the citizens of this country. Zimbabweans have a democratic right to different political views; to belong to a party of their choice without being coerced and a constitutional right to freedom of expression.

The kind of politics that Mugabe has thrust onto the country should be condemned at all cost if Zimbabwe is to rediscover herself again.

It is time for Mugabe to inculcate a culture of tolerance of different views among his party supporters for the country to move forward. We urge Zimbabweans to desist from violent tendencies against their fellow countrymen.

Politicians come and go, but Zimbabwe will remain. Therefore, it is important for each and every Zimbabwean to avoid being used as political tools by selfish politicians.

Let us stop victimising fellow citizens on the basis of political affiliation, no. It is time to live in peace, harmony and love, and develop our country, which is crying for farsighted and selfless leadership.

Use of violence and brute force is not necessarily a sign of strength, but weakness.

The violence must teach us one thing: If it continues Zimbabwe will remain at a crossroads, breeding hate instead of love — all to Mugabe and his family’s advantage.


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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    Mugabe the dictator has nothing left to show us ,only how violent he is. There has being no compassion from Bob ever since his late wife Sally passed on although she kept him in line before this . It only goes to show his current squeeze is a complete power hungry no good person. Hell bent on proving a point thus the ridiculous comments she has made so far.
    Who is she to tell us anything. She should be at home and leave the affairs of the country to more able persons. She does not qualify even to be a school teacher. Yet she and him go on as if they are beyond God. GO TO HELL MUGABE AND CO , SIMPLY GO TO HELL.

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    Michael 6 years ago

    Sorry – they do not need to go to hell – they have created hell on earth for virtually all Zimbabweans and are the vicious beasts who rule that hell.

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    Ropaharinapundudzo Runyararondizvozvenyikazvichapfuura 6 years ago

    Violent people must be eliminated from Zimbabwean environment, by all means possible before they claim lives of many innocent people. Peace loving Zimbabweans must educate and warn these people. However if peace fail, to reprimand these ruthless violent son of the soil. Brave men in our country,, we must take the responsibility, to hunt them and bring justice, in a similar fashion, they have brought pain to the so peace loving Zimbabweans.

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    Biend 6 years ago

    ZANU will never stop violence because without it,they have no hope in hell of surviving,thats a well documented fact