Mugabe ‘too old’ cop goes to Con-Court

Mugabe ‘too old’ cop goes to Con-Court – NewZimbabwe 15/03/2016

A ZRP officer attached to the Police Reaction Group who was arrested for allegedly calling President Robert Mugabe an old man has applied for referral of his case to the Constitutional Court.

Thompson Joseph Mloyi, 44, who is based at Craneborne barracks, told a Harare court Tuesday that he has the right to express himself without being prosecuted.

He is charged with undermining the authority of or insulting the President.

“Section 51 of the Zimbabwean constitution deals with freedom of expression,” he said.

“This is protection under which people communicate ideas. These ideas can legitimately include criticism of the president and his decisions,” he added.

The cop is also accused of calling the First Lady, Grace Mugabe a prostitute.

Mloyi is out of custody on $100 bail.

Court heard that Mloyi resides at Tomlison depot and is currently stationed at Harare Central Police Station.

Allegations against him arose on morning of March 5 when he entered one of the barracks at Craneborne camp. The other officers were preparing for work.

Mloyi is claimed to have started shouting that “President Robert Mugabe is too old to rule and is married to a prostitute.”

Court heard that other officers who were present confronted him and he stormed out of the barrack and went away.

The other police officers filed a report at Harare Central leading to Mloyi’s arrest.


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    Mloyi is not the problem – the problem is the attitude of the other cops who reported him, and so long as Zim. is full of sneaky snitches like these cops Zanu PF will continue to succeed.

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    At 92 years of age Mugabe is not only old, he is a fossil

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      Murerwa 6 years ago

      unless there is dictatorship in the country, where on earth do you find someone arrested for saying that the president is young. how is one suppose to call a 93 year old man? is he young? Just across the boarder, Zuma is accused and insulted daily but no one is arrested for it. thus what democracy is about freedom of speech and expression. why should it be different with Zim? besides, what name is given to a woman who dates a husband whose wife is bedridden due to sickness? How many prominent people had to leave the country because of their association with the first lady? how about her first husband? Zimbabweans are silent not because they are stupid but because they are waiting for the right time to strike and that time shall come.

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    amina 6 years ago

    If being 92 is not old then there is nothing that will ever age. The word old should then be out of the dictionary. Biblical its sates that who ever is married to another while the partner is still alive lives in fornication or adultery. Its a fact that Mugabe is a practising Roman Catholic hence the bible teaching must apply on him. He married or dated Grace while Sally was alive though on her death bed. secondly Goreraza is still alive and he and Mugabe married and has children with Grace yet the husband of Grace still alive. If the bible condemns the union as adultery is that not same with prostitution. Its actually worse than than. MUGABE and GRACE are living in adultery PERIOD. Let any judge prove if that is not the v=bible which may people are asked to swear with, Matthew 19 v9 and 1st Corith 7:39. If Goreraza has divorced Grace; it was still adulter for Mugabe to marry Grace.