Mugabe wants to take Zim to the grave: EFF

SOUTH African opposition party, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Tuesday night further twisted in the knife, accusing President Robert Mugabe of wishing to take Zimbabwe to the grave.

Source: Mugabe wants to take Zim to the grave: EFF – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 26, 2017


This was after Zanu PF reacted angrily to EFF leader, Julius Malema’s accusation that Mugabe was surrounded by cowards, who had no guts to ask him to step down.

“Before Zanu PF and its youth wing respond to the EFF about the charge that they are cowards, they should ask themselves a simple question: What is revolutionary about being led by a person in old age, who sleeps all the time in meetings, can no longer even hold a pen or write half a page?” EFF spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi questioned.

He said Mugabe, who turns 93 next month and is already anointed Zanu PF presidential candidate in elections next year, had become a caricature of African rulers, who want to die in office.

“Mugabe is the bastion of the reactionary phenomenon of ‘lead to the death’ that has crippled the image and praxis of post-colonial Africa,” Ndlozi said.

“Mugabe is not only the contemporary engine of personality cult, but he is protected by a group of cowards around him, who hypocritically defend him every day while harbouring ambitions to lead soon.”

Malema’s party said Zanu PF did not have youths in its “youth league”.

“They should be ashamed of themselves for holding the future from being born in Zimbabwe,” Ndlozi fired, adding African liberation stalwarts like Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere and Oliver Tambo “knew when it was enough and handed over the baton to others”.

Meanwhile, independent Norton lawmaker, Temba Mliswa has come out in support of Malema and his party, saying he was only amplifying the thoughts of many Zanu PF members.

“It is only normal to have a succession plan and there is nothing amiss in its announcement for His Excellency to pave way and serve as an adviser,” he said.


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    kalulu 5 years ago

    Even though Malema appears to be a controversial character who has in the past ‘showered’ Mugabe with praises which appeared to some of us as being ‘overboard’ and bent on appeasing the world-wide known ‘tyrant’, I agree with him on his current position that ZANU PF is comprised of cowards. No wonder why the respected former ‘guerilla’ Margarette Congo correctly coined them ‘Mugabe’s wives’ which of course is very true. What Mugabe says or does in the party goes without any scrutiny or challenge but they want to tell all and sundry that their rotten party is a ‘mass’ organisation, what a shame. Munangagwa, Mphoko and company are all baffoons who ‘hero-worship’ this ‘goblin’ who has destroyed our heritage. I salute those who have sacrificed their lives by challenging this goblin but the state machinery championed by ‘unprofessional’ army, police CIO etc have trashed and killed people’s aspirations to exercise their inalienable rights to express their views.

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    Nhamodzenyika 5 years ago

    ZANU bofu zvikadzi zva mbuya Mugabe kkkkkkkk