Mugabe’s nephew ‘seeks protection’ after being ‘threatened’ by soldiers

Harare – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe‘s nephew Patrick Zhuwawo has reportedly written to the minister of defence, Sydney Sekeremayi, asking for protection after he was allegedly threatened with unspecified action by soldiers, who “blocked his vehicle outside Harare”.

Source: Mugabe’s nephew ‘seeks protection’ after being ‘threatened’ by soldiers | News24 2017-06-18

According to The Standard, Zhuwawo, who is also the minister of indigenisation, said he now feared for his life.

Zhuwawo wrote in the letter, which he also copied to the Minister of State Security Kembo Mohadi, that he was travelling towards the capital Harare from Darwendale when he was “intercepted” by two soldiers who ordered him to stop before “threatening to deal with him”.

The two, were among what he said was a group of soldiers.

Safety and security

“I indicated that I was cabinet minister Zhuwao in the hope and expectation that he (one of the soldiers) would desist from hindering my travel to work. He retorted that he knew who I was and that he would deal with me….”

“I am requesting you honourable minister to take necessary steps to ensure my safety and security given the actual threats made to me…,” Zhuwawo reportedly wrote.

He said that he was not taking kindly to the threats.

This came as Mugabe’s ruling Zanu-PF was divided into two distinct factions that sought to outwit each other in the battle to succeed the veteran leader.

Mugabe has failed to groom a successor in his 37 years in power in the southern African country.

One of the camps calling itself “Team Lacoste” was linked to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, while another faction made up of Young Turks trading by the name Generation 40 was reportedly linked to First Lady Grace Mugabe. G40 was said to be seeking to torpedo Mnangagwa’s presidential ambitions.

Zhuwawo was reportedly linked to G40.