Mugabe’s obnoxious Zaoga offer fetid

via Mugabe’s obnoxious Zaoga offer fetid – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 22, 2016

To any sane observer it seems that in the past few weeks President Robert Mugabe has been working hard to decampaign both himself and his Zanu PF party among Zimbabweans — first his shame India trip which never was and his unfortunate ignominious land donation to Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Zaoga)’s Ezekiel Guti in Bindura last Friday.

NewsDay Comment

For Mugabe to even dangle a carrot to the Zaoga church members, offering them additional land for expansion of the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University and “writing off” the $2,3 million the educational institution owes to Bindura Municipality, is criminal to say the least.

It is extremely hard to imagine that Mugabe, whose role is upholding the country’s Constitution, chose to subvert the very same supreme law to curry favour with the church’s followers.

Curiously, Mugabe’s directive for the church not to pay the required $2,3 million for the land the church built its unsanctioned university on is that the case is still pending at the High Court where the owner of the land, Charles Chakumba, got a shortlived reprieve recently.

But with Mugabe sealing Chakumba’s fate, it is clear pursuing the matter is now academic.

Where is rule of law here, Mr President? Does Mugabe (92) realise he is putting Zimbabwe in an unenviable position for political expediency?

Mugabe should learn to respect the rule of the law in no uncertain terms. In a democracy, the three arms of government — the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature — should be given a chance to conduct their duties independently without overstepping each other.

How could Mugabe “pre-empt” the outcome of a matter lying before the court for personal interests?
The President should know that breaking the laws of the country will not earn him more friends, but hordes of enemies such that whatever hasty decisions he is making will come back to haunt him.

Mugabe’s behaviour amounted to autocracy and personal rule. Does it follow that anybody who wishes to have their way in Zimbabwe should simply court the attention of or befriend the First Family or their extended family? This is detestable and should not be allowed in a democracy like Zimbabwe.

In this case, Guti and his church should follow due process in the courts of law and pay restitution according to the country’s laws and not pander to Mugabe’s cheap politicking, which has the potential to dent their otherwise good standing in society.

No doubt Zaoga must pay compensation for the private land with interest and not be fooled because Zimbabwe is greater than Mugabe. Otherwise Mugabe’s action is tantamount to lack of respect for the rule of law and property rights in Zimbabwe.

Is it not a fact that Bindura Municipality has been short-changed by Zaoga’s refusal to pay $2,3 million while the land owner, Chakumba, is dispossessed?

Clearly, Mugabe’s action explains why Zimbabwe’s economy is such a mess with poor financial management of the country’s purse, resources and misgovernance. One wonders where our morals have gone when a church encourages invasion of private property.

We wonder how Mugabe could ask an intruder to pray against moral decay when the same church has exhibited disregard for good morals.

The world-class gaffes Mugabe has been involved in over recent months are a clear indication that this is the time for Mugabe to rest and enjoy his well-deserved rest, and not the abuse he is enduring under the factitious Zanu PF camps that are threatening the peace prevailing in the country.