Mugabe’s report card

via Mugabe’s report card | The Zimbabwean 1 October 2014 by Jera

Last week, several cameras were trained on the UN podium. Behind that podium stood Robert Mugabe. As a man who has been largely ignored by the West and one who is banned from traveling to America, this was a once-a-year opportunity for Mugabe to repair relations, especially since all China gave him was a consignment of rice.

America recently lifted travel restrictions on several Zanu (PF) functionaries but keeps two photographs at JFK international airport – one of Grace and another of Robert Mugabe – above which is a note in big bold capital letters, reading ‘DO NOT ALLOW ENTRY’ – figuratively speaking of course. Mugabe, the globetrotter has, in the last decade, had to restrict his travels to the Far East. The UN General Assembly was a rare opportunity.

All Mugabe needed to do in order to initiate conciliatory dialogue was ‘the past is the past, Zimbabwe is open for business.’

Presented with the opportunity to make peace, President Mugabe behaved like a felon who, invited to a parole hearing, threatens to petrol bomb the home of the parole board chairman. Rather than a diplomatic address, he went off on a tangent, speaking about things that will never translate into milk and bread for the ordinary Zimbabwean – America’s ‘deafening silence’ over Israel’s attack on Gaza – and tactlessly demanding that ‘evil sanctions’ be removed.


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    Senzachena 8 years ago

    Same old insane geriatric drivel

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    mumvana 8 years ago

    He is Unbelievable for someone with so many degrees and a doctor for a wife.

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    0/10 – Fail.
    No option to repeat.
    Do not re-admit.
    Remove from Office.

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    Swagman 8 years ago

    One man’s single-handed
    destruction of the most
    beautiful Jewel of Africa
    – Zimdesia!

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    revenger avenger 8 years ago

    Yeah. It was good for a laughwatching the laughing stock make a fool of itself

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    nyoni 8 years ago

    The only comedian at the UN. No wonder the world leaders gather there.

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    Reminds me of his supposed fellow Malawian, Hastings Banda. His brain died years and years before his body died, at a horrifying 102 if I remember correctly. Just imagine the chaos and destruction our insane geriatric can inflict in 12 more years!!!

    Even I will probably be dead by then.

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    Justice 8 years ago

    It is excruciatingly painful to have to watch this embarrassing fool, our most senior politician, represent Zimbabweans in such a humiliating manner.

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    I have a feeling the leaders of other nations take a wager and place bets on the odds of Mugabe coming up with something new in his address. Or they take bets on how often in his now well rehearsed speech he mentions sanctions and berates The West. And then behind his back they compare notes and laugh at him.

    The old man has perfected the art of making a fool of himself.

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    mindo 8 years ago

    Who is more foolish, the fool ruling a country or the people who are ruled by a fool? The fool will always make foolish comments making folly of the citizens of the country he rules