Mujuru has ‘blood of innocent Zimbabweans on her hands’

There are various ongoing initiatives for Zimbabweans to find each other and forge a common approach to the national crisis.

Source: Mujuru has ‘blood of innocent Zimbabweans on her hands’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 8, 2016

guest column: JACOB NGARIVHUME

Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) is participating in these initiatives.

As TZ president, I have been tasked by the party membership through the national executive to lead our own party’s efforts to find suitable partners and political players to work with.

At the weekend, we have a key executive meeting to report back to our leaders and make key decisions on the groups or parties we feel we can speak to.

TZ participated in the recent dialogue in South Africa to try to bring Zimbabweans together and talk about the national crisis.

Our position is very clear in terms of what we believe in. We are a values-based political party and we are firm on our strong Christian foundation.

We believe that any initiative to bring Zimbabweans together must include key players like the MDC-T, who, of course, as the nation is aware of, were not part of the discussions in South Africa.

The TZ executive meeting over the weekend will decide our position, as far as the coalition is concerned.

Our biggest concern, however, is the rhetoric from political parties like Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) and its leader, Joice Mujuru.

There is a notion to suggest that any efforts to talk among Zimbabweans, which does not involve them, as a “big party”, are bound to fail and are led by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

We take great exception to that.

Mujuru and her cabal in ZimPF cannot lecture to the nation on who is genuine and who is not.

Most of us in the opposition and the nation at large have wounds inflicted on us by Mujuru and Zanu PF.

We have colleagues allegedly murdered by Zanu PF, with her as the Vice-President of the country.

The nation has been robbed, plundered and cheated by her years of mismanagement and misgovernance while in Zanu PF.
We know she was fired by people who felt she was having a bigger stake in the plundering of the national resources than what they were getting.

She was warned to “stop it”, but she continued to outdo them in the looting and they fired her.

Honestly, to assume that Zimbabweans have forgotten that circus is taking a nation of educated God-fearing people to be foolish.

This is unacceptable.

Zimbabweans know who is CIO and is bent on deceiving the people. Zimbabweans know who the State Security minister was in 2008 when hundreds of opposition members were killed and maimed.

Zimbabweans know who plundered the national resources in Chiadzwa at the expense of a starving nation. We have not forgotten. We take great exception to Mujuru to tell us who is genuine and who is not.

We know who told the nation that “I will die Zanu PF”. It’s too soon for us to have forgotten all that. It’s unacceptable for ZimPF to claim they are a bona fide opposition political party in Zimbabwe. We are not blind, we see what is happening. And the nation will not accept that.

Jacob Ngarivhume TZ president


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    Yes, don’t fortget what seh did. Till this day she has never ask for forgiveness and has never said what was wrong when she was part of ZANU PF. She left the party because she came under attack of her own party people. Not because she was convicted of her failures and that of ZANU PF.

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    Reverend 5 years ago

    Mujuru is a positively evil woman and I would not be surprised if her exit from zanupf was not a ploy to split the present parties.