Mujuru: Mourner Grace admired our house

Source: Mujuru: Mourner Grace admired our house – NewZimbabwe 01/06/2016

WHEN the news came out that former army commander, Solomon Mujuru, had died, First Lady Grace Mugabe rushed to the Mujurus’s home to offer condolences but ended up “admiring the house” instead of “showing that she had come to mourn”, according to widow, Joice.

The former Vice President’s comments are contained in a New York Times report of June 1. According to the report, when Grace rushed to the “Mujuru’s palatial estate” that “heightened” the then VP’s “suspicions”.

This comes after Joice recently told the British Sunday Times newspaper that she thought her husband was shot first before his body was burnt.

In the New York Times report she repeats her view that an accelerant may have been used because of the “blue flame” which came out as Solomon’s body was burning. Her workers, she says, used a shovel to scrape the body off the carpet.

Later, at the morgue, Mugabe came to offer his condolences on his way to the airport, Joice told the New York Times.

“He left me in my pajamas looking at the charred body and told me: ‘You’re the acting president. I’m going to Angola,’” a bitter Mujuru recalled.

Years later, Grace was to lead a whirlwind campaign against Joice, accusing her of plotting to violently unseat her husband. The former VP was to be called names including allegations that she was a witch before she was eventually fired from both government and the ruling Zanu PF party.

However, Joice still denies the allegations.

“Even my own mother came to ask me, ‘When did you start practicing those things?’” the New York Times quotes her as saying.

According to the report, as Zanu PF remains mired in internal strife,  Joice “sees a political opening” and vows to “take power as president in the 2018 election” as leader of the Zimbabwe People First party.

She said she initially chose to remain quiet and loyal to Mugabe Grace “pushed her out in 2014”.

“I wanted to change things from within, not just for myself but for the country,” she is quoted as saying

Joice said she saw herself as Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese leader who modernised his country after Mao Zedong’s death.