Mujuru the martyr

via Mujuru the martyr 19 November 2014 by Jera

According to gossip on the kombis and at Mereki, the CIO can, if asked, produce thick dossiers on the movements of any given citizen, from the vagabond foraging for food in dustbins, to the business executive living in Borrowdale. What any reasoning person will want to know is why it took a few Sunday Mail journalists to produce evidence which should really have come from our venerated army intelligence.

The reason Mujuru remains untouched – for now – is that, as usual, Zanu (PF) is looking for legitimacy in an election which has already been marred by no-confidence votes and intimidation, even before it has begun. To imprison Mujuru would make her a martyr, which would endear her even more to her supporters. To bar her completely from participating in the party’s elections will look, to outsiders, like blatant cheating. So the solution is to weaken her – sort of like weighing down an athlete with bricks – and then allowing her to run in the December congress.

Mugabe is aware that Emmerson Mnangagwa leads a faction in Zanu (PF). What leaves most people puzzled is why – among all these accusations of treason and ‘fanning factionalism’ – all the Mnangagwa allies remain untouched by these no-confidence votes.


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    I have nothing to say but let’s elect before we impron her

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    Godobori 9 years ago

    Because none of the factions must become stronger than Bob’s own faction. In 2004, Mnangagwa’s faction had the advantage, which would have created a threat to Bob’s desire, not only to die in office but to leave power firmly in the hands of his descendants or wife.

    Bona is a real prospect, perhaps Gono or Grace, until Bona can take over. Next to be dealt with is Emmerson. Watch this space. In Africa, the one with the killer soldiers is boss, not the one with brains. Do you really think ZBC’s screening of Grace jabbering is funny? It’s the power of killer army on show. Even a baboon can rule this country provided it is in control of those with the guns.

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    Nyoni 9 years ago

    What matyr are you speaking of. More like Mata. Get my drift.

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    Chanisa 9 years ago

    Use logic sparingly when analyzing things ZANUPF.

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    blackhammer 9 years ago

    —-swim on her own.

    One can only help those who want to be helped and in the same vain one can forgive those who want forgiveness or those who have repented. And I am not religious at all. Joyce Mujuru, under attack from within, looks very pathetic and we should not lose the bigger picture which is unfolding in that sorry state.
    MDC on numerous occasions have been cheated and left looking stupid whenever they gave Zanu the benefit of a little faith. She has been part of this organisation which has caused havoc and mayhem in the opposition ranks. Zanu is sorely responsible for the chaos and decline of the economy and she shares a large part of that responsibility. My worst fear is the MDC supporters and Zimbabweans at large are quietly being softened for a deal with this wretched woman if she is booted out of Zanu. No! MDC rescued Zanu in 2009 by joining the GNU, went to sleep during the next four years, and today they have sweet FA to show for it.

    The argument being peddled around is if Mujuru leaves she might be followed by a large number of Zanu MPs who would then force by-elections according to the constitution within a certain period. Remember what Margret Dongo said about the men led by Mugabe? She said they were all women and have no balls. They are not going to cough let alone move their arses. Anyway, yes you read correctly, ‘constitution’. Whose constitution? Over decades she has been at the fore front of ignoring and breaking the nation’s constitution. We cannot leave hyenas to guard the goats unless we are fret of ideas. If by-elections are to take place, who holds the voters’ roll? Who counts the vote? Who guards the polling stations? MDC has to dig deep to come up with solutions which the country needs and not rely on crumbs from Zanu’s top table. To make one mistake is understandable but repeat the same mistake again again is unforgivable. She must be allowed to sink peacefully, like the rest of them. And no one should dare weep.

    After the baptism, Michael Corleone in the Godfather decided to go after the rivalries, Barzini, Tattaglia, Mancini, Moe Greene, Luca Brasi and the rest. At this stage nobody is safe within the Zanu factions. No matter how many bodies the Zanu members put behind the door to hold it Mugabe will bulldoze through it because there is no other escape route. Unlike Michael Corleone Mugabe is not going to publicly renounce violence. Evil genius. And the MDC want to be the sandwich between these warring factions? Mugabe can even pretend to love her again and MDC will be fed to the animals, again. This cannot surely be Plan B we have all been waiting for? If it is let’s jog on. Plan C please!

    Simon M Tozvireva.