We must now free ourselves from the Zanu PF paradigm

Never again should we allow any political party sitting President to abuse us with our consent.

Source: We must now free ourselves from the Zanu PF paradigm – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 26, 2016

Vince Musewe

It is with my utter condolences that President Robert Mugabe seriously believes that he must stay in power, lest the country becomes re-colonised through a regime change. That is the most ridiculous idea that many can be deluded with.

“All political lives, unless they are cut off mid-stream at happy junctures always end in failure because that is the nature of politics and of human affairs.”

This quote by Enoch Powell, a British politician, is being clearly demonstrated now in Zimbabwe, as Mugabe holds onto power and yet it is evident to all of us that there is nothing more he can add. In fact, the longer he stays the more likely things will get worse.

We simply want to create a prosperous and equal society that cares for its citizens and where our leaders are accountable to us — that is not a sin nor is there anything sinister about that.

Zimbabweans are rising slowly, but surely, as we realise that for far too long we have lived a lie. A lie that only Mugabe can rule us, a lie that the West is forever plotting to take over Zimbabwe and we are eternal victims of sanctions and outside forces.

We also know that our history has been manipulated to suit Mugabe’s incessant obsession with absolute power, which has undoubtedly corrupted Zanu PF absolutely. For example, see how the so-called anticorruption body is full of corrupt Zanu PF minions. That is not the Zimbabwe we want.

We must now move from what has been a disastrous chapter of struggle politics towards the next chapter of creating a democratic developmental state and it is critical that we put a new political leadership in place.

This new leadership must be characterised by a new generation of Zimbabweans, who are sincere about putting Zimbabweans first. We will never really achieve the Zimbabwe we want until we have the right calibre of people leading us or occupying public office.

One thing is clear, we will have to re-invent Zimbabwe morally, spiritually, socially, emotionally, politically and economically. We almost have to re-build a brand new country and a brand new society underpinned by those values, which our flag stands for. Until we are free from the Zanu PF paradigm, we cannot rest.

I believe that Zimbabwe can be a great nation indeed once it unleashes itself onto a different trajectory unhindered by the clutches of a history of oppression and fear. The paradigm of victimhood, which accepts that we as Zimbabweans are incapable of creating our own prosperity and cannot create self-sustaining economy despite the fact that we have all the necessary knowledge base spread all over the world and the necessary resources to do so must now be rejected with the contempt it deserves.

We must also vociferously reject the limiting mental model that there is no outside to Mugabe and Zanu PF.

We, the younger generation, have the responsibility of doing that. We must now create a paradigm, which says as long as you are called Zimbabwean you are entitled to freedom and the pursuit of your happiness without limit. This is not a favour by Zanu PF, but our right as free citizens of Zimbabwe.

As the momentum and the urgency for change gathers steam, the most dangerous assumption we can make is to underestimate this beast called Zanu PF. Theirs is an incomprehensible insensitivity and a clear lack of moral obligation and any competence, whatsoever, to create the Zimbabwe we want and to alleviate the social condition of many Zimbabweans caused by their misguided policies over the last 36 years. Their greed, selfishness and incompetence is unprecedented. We must fight it, but it won’t be easy.

We want continuous leadership renewal and accountability, the rule of law and protection of private property, we require urgent institutional renewal and delivery, we demand economic freedom and inclusivity, we need urgent agriculture and industrial revival, human capital preservation and development.

We want effective and efficient resource management and a serious fight of corruption. We want to see infrastructure rehabilitation and development, the promotion foreign direct investment and lastly citizen empowerment, food security and poverty alleviation.

They can march all they want but one thing is clear, Zanu PF is incapable of creating the Zimbabwe we want and therefore our only choice is to work towards their dismissal from power. Freedom is coming.

Another Zimbabwe is possible!

l Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. He is also the PDP secretary for finance and economic affairs. You may contact him on vtmusewe@gmail.com. He writes in his own personal capacity.