Mutsvangwa fuels divisions: War vets

via Mutsvangwa fuels divisions: War vets – Southern Eye 31 August 2015 by Nqobile Bhebhe

A GROUP of disgruntled war veterans from Bulawayo has accused War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa of fuelling divisions and imposing his alleged cronies into the provincial executive of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the war veterans vowed to shut down all association offices in the city in protest against Mutsvangwa’s alleged interference and imposition of his preferred executive members.

“We have had several war veterans’ leaders before, but we find Mutsvangwa as the most divisive leader ever,” a war veteran who declined to be named said.

“Here in Bulawayo, we had our differences as members and it is normal in any organisation, but ever since he (Mutsvangwa) became chair the divisions have widened. The chairman is secretly encouraging factionalism to the extent that we no longer trust each other. He is handpicking people to lead structures, a move which is against our constitution. Very soon, a serious fight will break out among the comrades. All offices from the district to provincial level will be shut down.”

Another war veteran who also spoke on condition of anonymity challenged Mutsvangwa to travel to Bulawayo “to personally to put out the fires he started.”

“As we have said, the operations of the association will be sabotaged and we demand that he should personally come to Bulawayo and put out the fires he started,” she said.

“How can the chairman impose leaders? Former chairman [Jabulani] Sibanda was a far better leader than the current one?”

Mutsvangwa, who is also national chairman of the association, has also clashed with war veterans from Manicaland Province over the same issue. He has not been reachable for comment since Saturday.


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    Zanu madness 8 years ago

    Oh well….that’s Zanu for u..

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    aminab 8 years ago

    What is a war veteran. Is Mugabe a war veteran or a war collaborator? Definitions of veteran. A person who has served in the armed forces.
    b. An old soldier who has seen long service.
    2. A person who is long experienced or practiced in an activity or capacity. But when its a war veteran, the definition is limited to the first one. From what is public knowledge, Mugabe went to Mozambique, were the ZANLA Forces used to train and then came back and fight the war in Rhodesia, some went for further training elsewhere. Mugabe never went for military raining, and it follows that he is not a soldier. If he is not a soldier, he can not have fought any war, hence he is not a war veteran. May some one show a photo of Mugabe in a military Uniform in Mozambique or elsewhere in the world back dating to 1975-1979 December please.

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    A lumpen….Mtsvangwa…cant Lead 2 x Revolutionary Forces….only JB,Hunzvi,Hungwe Andy Mhlanga can do it……….