Mzila, 65 members dump mdc

Source: Mzila, 65 members dump mdc – Sunday News  June 12, 2016

Vusumuzi Dube Sunday News Reporter
THE embattled Movement for Democratic Change led by Professor Welshman Ncube was yesterday thrown into further turmoil after their former acting secretary-general, Mr Moses Mzila Ndlovu and 65 of their members announced that they were quitting the party amid indications they are working towards forming a new political outfit.

Mr Mzila Ndlovu was suspended from the party, together with five other members, early this year on allegations of acting against the party’s constitution. Announcing the decision, Mr Mzila Ndlovu who spoke on behalf of the members, said they had reached the decision to quit because every effort to iron out problems that were being faced in the party had yielded no results.

In the meeting that was held at a local church in the city, Mr Mzila Ndlovu was flanked by former MDC national executive committee members Esaph Mdlongwa and Abednicho Moyo who were also suspended together with him. The former acting secretary-general said the party had since reached crossroads that needed a bold decision so as to come up with a clear way forward.

“The challenges bedevilling the people’s organisation, the Movement for Democratic Change have long been a public issue. Of course, the public at large might not be aware that while some ugly scenes played out in the media, both formal and informal means were attempted to resolve some of the problems through the laid down internal processes.

“I therefore publicly announce that my colleagues and myself have resolved to terminate our membership from the MDC forthwith. There were irreconcilable differences and after serious deliberations we individually and collectively arrived at this decision. Having carefully studied our situation and the conditions in the MDC, we do not regret this important decision,” said Mr Mzila Ndlovu.

He said problems being faced by the party were deep rooted and solving them would be an insurmountable task. Mr Mzila Ndlovu said to date they had a petition that was signed by 65 of its members and they would be surrendering the party membership cards and regalia.

Questioned on whether this was a foundation towards the formation of a new political party, Mr Mzila Ndlovu could neither confirm nor deny but said as members they were still vibrant in terms of their political lifeline and hence would soon be announcing their next course of action.

“What I have to emphasise is that this does not mark the end of our political career. We have a monumental task ahead of us and we are still very much vibrant which is why we will be soon announcing the next step in our political careers,” he said.

However, various members who attended the meeting continuously referred to the formation of a new political party and were even chanting a unison slogan; Simunye Mthwakazi.

Speaking during the same meeting, Mrs Elizabeth Ndlovu — the party’s former Matabeleland South provincial leader — who had her parliamentarian position as the party’s list for proportional representation under the women’s quota usurped by their former secretary-general Mrs Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, had no kind words for Prof Ncube. She continually referred to him as a small boy accusing him of causing the party’s demise.

“That small boy has destroyed what once was a vibrant party. Today I stand in front of you as a poor lady because I used all my funds in 2013 when we were campaigning for the party. I still have debts that I have to repay because of that campaign but how was I repaid; he came and imposed that lady from Mufakose on the people of Matabeleland South. As today we form this political party, I implore you Mzila (Ndlovu) please close you zips and rule this party with maturity, that is the only secret to success,” said Mrs Ndlovu.

MDC deputy secretary general Mr Iloy Nyoni, in a statement said those who have resigned from the party were just seeking publicity since their political careers have gone into oblivion. He said Mr Mzila Ndlovu wanted to create a regional party.

“We are amused that every time the Elizabeth Ndlovus of this world want to resurrect from political oblivion they jumped into three years ago when they left the MDC they come out of the woodwork and resign a third, 4th and a fifth time. They must be so desperate for some time in the glare of publicity. An elementary check shows that some of these people have resigned again and again as if it is possible to resign in instalments. As for the Mzilas of this world we long ago wished them luck in building their regional party,” he said.



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