Ncube scoffs at Mpofu

via Ncube scoffs at Mpofu – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 15, 2016

MDC leader Welshman Ncube has scoffed at claims by Zanu PF finance secretary Obert Mpofu that no politicians from Matabeleland region had “presidential qualities”.


Addressing a Zanu PF rally in Matabeleland North over the weekend, Mpofu said: “No one has the qualities to be President in this region and we are shocked that some people are saying so and so should replace the President because he is from this tribe. We are not involved in all that because none of us has ambition to rule.”

But Ncube yesterday said such “wild claims could only be expected from a drunkard”.

“The statement is bizarre and astonishing in its implication and difficult to imagine how a rational and sober person could say that when it’s obviously self-evident facts that we have numerous individuals from the region clearly qualified and are competent to be President of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Ncube said it would be foolish to think that even Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko would occupy his position and not have an ambition to be President if the vacancy arose in Zanu PF.

“Mphoko, I am sure that if the vacancy was to arise one day in Zanu PF he would want to fill it. Clearly, that (Mpofu) statement could only have been made by a drunkard,” Ncube said.

Zapu president Dumiso Dabengwa said Mpofu had no capacity to judge the capabilities of people of Matabeleland.

“My only conclusion is that he could be talking about Zanu PF because he has no capability to judge all the people in this region and come up with such a false statement,” he said.

Mpofu refused to clarify his statements, saying he was in church and would return the call to explain what he meant.

“I cannot talk about that now because I am in church, so I will call you back and we can talk,” Mpofu said.

Zanu PF secretary for technology Jonathan Moyo yesterday took to Twitter account to defend Mpofu, saying he was quoted “out of context”.

“You are distorting him. He said nobody from Matabeleland is seeking the presidency because it’s a fat chance! He did not say people from the region lack the qualities, but that they’ve no chance and cited Joshua Nkomo as an example,” Moyo said.

Later, Mpofu became hostile, saying: “If I don’t want to talk to you, don’t force me to.”