Ncube’s MDC hit back at ousted SG

via Ncube’s MDC hit back at ousted SG – NewZimbabwe 09/02/2016

PROFESSOR Welshman Ncube’s MDC party has hit back at its former acting secretary general, Moses Mzila Ndlovu, who has claimed that his ouster was a culmination of deteriorating relations with the former industry minister.

Mzila Ndlovu was axed in a vote of no confidence during the party’s National Standing Committee in Bulawayo on Saturday.

This was followed by a party press statement which attributed his ouster to alleged failure to turn around the party’s waning fortunes to match tough competition in local politics.

The former national healing minister, on his part, came guns blazing, accusing Ncube of getting rid of him for his perceived support of a February 5 petition by some party faithful demanding Ncube’s resignation.

Ndlovu, who was replaced by his deputy Miriam Mushayi, also told the media that his relationship with Ncube took a knock when he took over as secretary general from Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga, who also resigned in a storm last year.

Ncube, he further claimed, overlooked him during foreign trips, placing Mushayi and former party treasurer Paul Themba Nyathi ahead of the outspoken MDC politician.

But in a response to the allegations, the MDC breakaway faction said Mzila Ndlovu’s demotion had “false allegations, distortion of facts and blatant lies about the party’s leadership”.

“Allegations of marginalisation and sidelining of Mr Mzila Ndlovu from high level meetings and trips are categorically false and an attempt to conceal and divert attention from the former Acting Secretary General’s failures to perform the numerous responsibilities and duties assigned to him by the party,” said MDC spokesman Kurauone Chihwayi.

Foreign trips row

“The truth of the matter is that in the one year he was Acting SG, Mr Mzila Ndlovu’s only preoccupation was attending foreign trips while completely neglecting other functions of his office.”

Ncube’s MDC also dismissed claims its leader was in coalition meetings with the axed Vice President Joice Mujuru’s People First.

Chihwayi further denied Mzila Ndlovu’s claims he had been side-lined from reunification meetings with Tendai Biti’s PDP.

“This is also patently false,” Chihwayi said.

“The truth of the matter is that Mr Mzila Ndlovu was tasked with leading a three-person task team to resume discussions with PDP in November 2015 with instructions to submit a preliminary report no later than 21 December 2015.

“Up until the day of the NSC’s vote of no confidence in him last weekend, the former ASG had failed to convene the committee, let alone submit a report, in the same way he had not taken any steps to initiate plans for the party’s elective congress due this year, among other pivotal roles expected of his office.

“It is unfortunate that instead of accepting his shortcomings, Mr Mzila Ndlovu chooses to pass the blame of his incompetence onto other people, chief among them, our President, who did his best to cover up for his misdemeanours and inadequacies throughout his tenure.”

Critics say the one-time power broker in the inclusive government will not survive another split as it had shown signs of weakening since its shock breakaway from the mainstream MDC 2005.