New traffic system on cards

Source: New traffic system on cards | The Herald June 26, 2017

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Government is developing a computerised traffic system that will link all its departments involved in the movement of vehicles on the country’s roads in a one-stop-shop format.

The traffic system, commonly referred to as integrated country engine, will synchronise all vehicular data from zinara, Vehicle Theft Squad, Central Vehicle Registry, Vehicle Inspection Department and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, among others.

Once operational, authorities will be able to view all vehicle details from the office or at a road block by mere click of a button.

To develop the system, Government has partnered a local leading IT solutions company, Univern Enterprises trading as Southern Region Trading Company.

Univern Enterprises is currently working with zinara to administer 17 tollgates and plug revenue leakages.

Home Affairs Deputy Minister Obedingwa Mguni confirmed development of the new computerised traffic system yesterday and promised to give further details today.

Minister of State for Harare Provincial Affairs Cde Miriam Chikukwa last Friday visited Univern Enterprises to have an appreciation of the system.

Said Deputy Minister Mguni: “Yes, we are developing an electronic traffic system that will bring together several departments. It’s a one-stop-shop where registration of a vehicle will be done in one place.”

After importing a vehicle, one must go to the VTS to verify that it is not a stolen car before going to the CVR to acquire registration number plates. After that, one has to acquire an insurance cover note before getting a licence from zinara. With the new electronic system, everything will be done under one roof.

Said Deputy Minister Mguni: “Once you are in a traffic place, you can scan everything about a particular vehicle and it will come out. You don’t need to do a physical inspection because it delays motorists.”

On her visit to Univern Enterprises on Friday, Minister Chikukwa said: “I never knew we had a project of this nature in Zimbabwe. The directors here showed us their system which they are running with zinara and we are convinced that they are doing a great job. They are creating employment and their system has managed to curb corruption at tollgates. Everything on the tollgates is monitored 24/7.

“Apart from the traffic system, they have shown us their agricultural equipment side where they can link the system of your machinery to your cellphone and you can monitor how your equipment is being used on the farm even if you are not there. When the President talks about indigenisation, this is what he will be referring to. Local solutions to local problems.”

Univern Enterprises chief operations officer Ms Norma Ndove said the new integrated country engine would help foster compliance by motorists.

“It will also work to link departments and allow for sharing of information on a single platform and such sharing will promote ease of doing business.

Through its partnership with Univern Enterprises, zinara has managed to increase its toll collections by more than 100 percent.


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    Harare North 5 years ago

    Minister Chikukwa please can you give yoursel time to visit all new residential stand to see what is on the ground since you came into office its now 4 years you have never even converned a meeting with residents to finf out and understand their prpblems.

    New plaeces like Carlidonia / Hatcliffe Ext/ Southlea Perk/ and all former cooperatives they have issues to discuss let alone especially developments that are not taking place after UDCORP took over we are very happy with the ban of all Cooperative by Kasukuwere this ha brought some resemblence in Zimbabwe.

    So please visit us as we need your presents in such times very soon you will be out of office since your appointed and not voted for can you make your presence felf before you leav office not spending most of your time at the Airport waiting for the arrival of diginataries no no no no