‘No coalition with Zanu PF proxies’

Uncertainty continues to dog the proposed coalition of opposition parties, with MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai and his Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) counterpart, Joice Mujuru yesterday saying they suspected Zanu PF’s involvement in railroading other opposition leaders to seal the deal.

Source: ‘No coalition with Zanu PF proxies’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 10, 2016

By Everson Mushava/BLESSED MHLANGA

Tsvangirai and Mujuru, who both snubbed last week’s coalition talks in South Africa, said the speed with which the proposed coalitions were being handled raised a stink.

ZimPF spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire said his party snubbed the South Africa meeting because it was organised by Zanu PF proxies to scuttle the chances of a united opposition against President Robert Mugabe in 2018.

He said his party could not be railroaded into activities clandestinely choreographed by Zanu PF “through some proxies masquerading as think-tanks or civil society actors”.

“We are aware that they once worked with Zanu PF since some of our members were in Zanu PF,” Mawarire said. He said opposition parties should not be forced into a coalition to save failed politicians or give Zanu PF a new lifeline.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said there was no need to rush into a coalition before parties could trust each other. He said people, not political leaders, should lead the coalition efforts.

“There are some arrogant individuals with no people behind them, who think they are educated and fit to lead and regard everyone else as an idiot,” Tamborinyoka said.

He accused People’s Democratic Party leader, Tendai Biti, of publicly denigrating Tsvangirai, while on the other hand seeking a coalition with him.

“True coalitions are built on mutual respect for each other, not by tweeting every day that Tsvangirai is a fool, yet you expect to work with him,” Tamborinyoka said.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu weighed in, saying the MDC-T passionately believed in a people-driven, as opposed to a leaders-driven, political discourse.

Meanwhile, MDC-T, MDC and Zimbabwe People’s Party officials yesterday exchanged brickbats during a meeting organised by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, accusing each other of trying to monopolise the proposed coalition deal.

MDC-T’s Muriswi Zwizwai and MDC’s Henry Chimbiri went at each other’s throats just after the meeting, with Zwizwai accusing Chimbiri of betraying Tsvangirai.

“You were raised by Tsvangirai and you betrayed him. Now you are feeling the cold and you now want to come and form a coalition – stay in your little corner with your Welshman (Ncube),” he charged.

Chimbiri hit back accusing the MDC-T of trying to be a bully, labelling Zwizwai a former debt collector, who had nothing to offer in the political discourse.