No one wants me to retire, claims Bob

No one wants me to retire, claims Bob – NewZimbabwe 29/03/2016

“YOU just go to Zimbabwe now and ask the people whether I should stand down. They will be angry with you.”

These were the remarks of President Robert Mugabe in an interview with Japanese journalists Tuesday as he continued his visit to the country.

He also appeared to suggest that demands for an end to his lengthy stay in power were not coming from Zimbabweans.

“… if they don’t like my long stay in power they should criticise my people, I do not vote for myself into power,” the State owned Herald quotes him as saying.

But the 92-year-old leader admitted at a recent rally in Bindura that some in his ruling Zanu PF party and its surrogate war veterans’ movement want him to step down.

Concerned about their actual intentions, Mugabe reacted firmly when the war veterans tried to gather for a meeting in Harare last month, dousing them with teargas and then washing them down with water cannon.

But realizing that the rebellion had not been put down, a crunch meeting has now been called for April 7 with the veteran leader daring the disgruntled former fighters to openly speak their minds.

The meeting has however, been publicly pitched as aimed at discussing the veterans’ welfare issues.

“Nonsense,” a party official told at the weekend.

“The War Veterans Act details the benefits the former fighters, their widows and children are entitled to. As he did with the civil servants’ bonuses, Mugabe simply needs to instruct treasury to pay them what they are due.

“You don’t need to call a national meeting including security services chiefs to discuss what is clear under the law.”

The party official added: “The fact is that Mugabe realizes the scale and depth of the rebellion against his rule.

“That is why he promptly apologised for teargassing the veterans. He will use the April 7 meeting to try and buy the disgruntled veterans and the security services chiefs off.

“We wait to see whether he succeeds.”

Meanwhile, in Japan Mugabe insisted that, health permitting, he would run again for office in 2018 when the next elections are due.

He explained: “At the moment I am the President that’s why (I am here). Do you see me as not fit? Why not contest two years later?

“Two years later is no time but only God knows what will happen in two years’ time, 2018, I don’t know, it will depend.

“If I am fit enough, yes, but If I am not fit enough I will not. My people will want me to be a candidate and they have already nominated me as a candidate for 2018.”

Mugabe is visiting Japan at the invitation of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who considers the Zimbabwean leader’s influence in Africa key to helping Japan counter Chinese influence on the continent.


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    Yayano 6 years ago

    Mugabe I wish you had retired 20 years ago, you are doing the country a disservice.
    Would you be a headmaster at a school at your age? No. So why want to be president even contesting when 94.

  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 6 years ago

    He’s right on one thing then, most people want him to peg it !!!

  • comment-avatar
    Piankhi 6 years ago

    I use to have much respect for the President. But now it’s all his ego and the theives in his ear. They know as long as he is President they can continue to rape the country. Bob nature has told you to step down long ago. But looking back at your legacy is to late to do anything now. You will be remembered. And it will not be nice. May your GOD have mercy on your soul for what you have done to your country. And all of those who followed you.

  • comment-avatar
    Tiger Shona 6 years ago

    What he says is testimony of how dishonest he is.
    He is the most disliked person in Zim. And if it was not for his position, he would be prosecuted.

    • comment-avatar
      Piankhi 6 years ago

      Do not worry. Time is something none of us can control. The President and Time have a date. Things will change for the better. Nothing ever remains the same. Look at history of the world. It is a cycle. Zimbabwe is moving up. I know you do not see it right now. Within the next 5 years Zimbabwe will be the fasting growing economy in the world. That can assure. Always have control of your own Fate. This time will past.

  • comment-avatar

    Zimbabwe parliamentarians have described Robert Mugabe as JESUS – Mugabe now believes he is JESUS and will go when JESUS calls him. Sit tight Zimbabweans he is with us for maybe another decade !

    • comment-avatar
      Piankhi 6 years ago

      If he wants to be like Jesus then he wants to be like a White man. Jesus a fable story of waiting for someone or something that is coming back to save you from yourself. Our people should stop beleiving White stories and images. My people pray to other races and other images of saviors and wonder why they have problems. Waiting for Jesus to come and save you. Then you will be better waiting for Bob to save you. Same odds if you are a gambler.

      • comment-avatar

        My friend read the Book before you criticize JC and you will see it has nothing to do with races or creeds and everything to do with the love of humanity. No Jesus, no hope.

        • comment-avatar
          Piankhi 6 years ago

          My friend let me explain the book. I grow up in the Christian Church. And I can prove that is man called Jesus Chirst has nothing to do with you or African Culture. We are the first people on this planet. Scientific fact. Just ask your white scienitist. We are the oldest people on the planet. We civilized to world. All culture come out of Africa. If you know anything about the region you now call Zimbabwe is over 2500 years old. 500 year before your so called Christ. And the bad thing is its a White Christ. But you keep praying to your oppressors image and see how that will work out for you. You cannot call the white man evil and then worship in their image. This the reason why my brothers and sister are so screwed up in Africa. The same image you worship as your savior is the same image that murdered, raped, and robbed you of your culture. Lets be clear about that. I believe in my ancestors, because I know for a fact the existed because I come from their genes. Show me any evidence that a white man call Jesus Christ existed 2000 years ago. Where is he bury. What country is he from. No from Africa. Not according to their book called the Bible. Written by murders and theives. You need to know about facts. No faith, then you can control your own FATE.

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    Savutha 6 years ago

    This man is truly delusional!! which Zimbabweans is he referring to…Grace and family, I presume. Mugabe is now such a liability to this nation and sadly, pretends not to know. Can the CIO tell him the truth, please.

    • comment-avatar
      Piankhi 6 years ago

      No one will tell him tell him the truth as long as they can keep profiting off the people. You as long as you have a semi functioning body and limited mental capacity you can still be programmed.
      That starts at his home. And is carried out with all the other Ministers telling him stories of how new and great projects are underway. And tell H.E. the people will love you for what they are implementing. Which is nothing more than a story book cabinet meetings every Tuesday to keep his blood pumping.

  • comment-avatar
    Tjingababili 6 years ago

    I FOR ONE DO!!!!!!!