NSSA increase pension payouts

Source: NSSA increase pension payouts | The Financial Gazette July 13, 2017

THE National Social Security Authority said on Monday that it will increase minimum retirement pension benefit by 33 percent from $60 per month to $80 per month with effect from October 1.

The number of retired pensioners and beneficiaries stood at 156,039 as at December 31, 2016.

Chairman Robin Vela said that beneficiaries will be biometrically registered and authenticated to eliminate fraudulent claims and payments.

“The board remains concerned with the authenticity of its monthly payroll. With the increased pension benefit amount, it is even more imperative that only the deserving and entitled beneficiaries are paid,” said Vela in a statement.

Vela said NSSA is at an advanced stage of discussions to offtake housing projects like Harare’s 8,000 units in Caledonia and the National University of Science and Technology students accommodation of 4,800 units.

Occupancy at its Celestial office park went up to 58 percent from 23 percent for the half year to June 31. – The Source