Obert Mpofu building turned into brothel

via Obert Mpofu building turned into brothel – NewZimbabwe 23/01/2015

MACRO economic Planning and Investment Promotion minister, Obert Mpofu’s Gwanda building has been turned into a brothel with hookers using the premises for sexual encounters with clients.

The building, which previously housed a lodge, is currently unoccupied and security guards manning the building are charging the prostitutes who flood the town’s nightclubs $1 per session.

The facility is located at the corner of Soudan street and Fourth avenue in the town.

Investigations by NewZimbabwe.com established that the building has been turned into a brothel with prostitutes taking turns to use the premises with their clients.

“Most of the prostitutes who use the facility are those who patronize nearby nightclubs; they have been using the facility since last year,” said a security guard from a nearby building.

“The security guards are making a killing as many prostitutes pay them use the premises but I do not think their bosses are aware of this.”

The mining town has since seen a surge in prostitution with young ladies turning to sex work to survive, many of them target the free-spending gold panners.


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    a fitting legacy….
    sexual prostitution and political prostitution are not so far apart..

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    harper 6 years ago

    Perfect example of micro economic planning on the part of the security guards.

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    amina 6 years ago

    Biological war fare is a crime, but it seem ZANU PF has resorted to this knowing that they will wipe potential opposition supporters in the process. Many affected people with the dire economic challenges of Zimbabwe hit hardest on the young, men and women. The HIV and AIDs is playing havoc, on the new generation, which ZANU PF knows is the bedrock of opposition. They also know that come election time these youngster will either be sick in bed, or in neighboring SA or Botswana or Mozambique trading. They caused poverty due to their poor economic in competencies, corruption and greedy. These youth have one option to embrace death and rescue their future from the greedy Mugabe and heartless Grace. The property which is being used as brothel people will be surprised that Obert Mpofu is getting soem fees also.

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    Nyamhute Zuwarabuda 6 years ago

    Dear Esteemed Reporter, Which town are you talking about?